What is Cloud DXA?

Cloud DXA is the new dynamic product from Streebo’s latest product line that helps you digitally transform your company by opening up different interfaces across devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and kiosks among others. It is simple to use and helps you digitize your processes and create sophisticated workflows thereby increasing your company’s digital footprint and decreasing manual intervention and work at the same time. The simple drag and drop interface lets you create digital forms in no time and helps you create sophisticated applications for your department. It also lets you add cool, intelligent AI features such as Chatbot and more.

What are the product differentiators?

Cloud-DXA Cloud DXA cuts the
development cost in half
Cloud-DXA The pre-built library of templates, widgets and apps helps to go market faster.
Cloud-DXA Create omni-channel apps with a single code base.
Cloud-DXA Line of business can participate in creating applications thus reducing IT dependency, improving productivity and leading to a better design!

Cloud DXA as an ERP for your Company

Transform your Enterprise by mobilizing your Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Delivery, Administration and Mobile App functions with Streebo’s unique DXA on Cloud offering. Mobilize campaign management, invoicing and HR processes. Keep all field workers up-to-date with their own profile data along with latest company information – alerts, news, blogs. Tap into AI technology and add features like Chatbot that aid in business growth and value. Digitize all your systems and create a formal process for all departments. Reduce IT dependency, increase productivity and cut the operational cost in half!

Application/Uses of Cloud DXA

As Web Application
Development Platform
As Mobile Application
Development Platform
As Content
Management System
As Form Builder
As Report Builder
As an ERP
Scalable & Robust Cloud Based App Development Platform
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