Streebo Inc. and AFM Solutions in UK team up to create Streebo UK&I

  • • New company to focus on Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • • Streebo UK&I to offer Conversational Interface Platform and AI Powered Pre-Trained Bots

Jan 21, 2021
Houston, Texas, Jan 21, 2021 – Streebo Inc and Asset Finance & Management Ltd (“AFM Solutions”) today announced the launch of their joint venture – Streebo UK&I. Following regulatory approvals, the company was founded at the end of December 2020. It will provide Digital & AI technology primarily for United Kingdom and Ireland market. Streebo UK&I combines an agile and established product innovator like Streebo with an experienced consulting team of AFM Solutions in the UK.

Streebo UK&I was founded by Streebo Inc. and AFM Solutions to support the industry in digital transformation tasks. The joint venture focused on Mobile, AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies will offer Streebo’s Catalog of Pre-trained Bots powered by Streebo’s Conversational Interface Platform and Streebo’s Bot Builder tooling. Streebo UK&I is designed to enable end-to-end digital transformation, covering all channels such as web, mobile and latest social media, and internal messaging platforms. Streebo UK&I will handle all Streebo Inc products and services in the UK and Ireland market.

Streebo UK&I embodies an agile innovative start-up culture backed by two solid brands

Streebo Inc and AFM Solutions each have a long history of developing solutions for digital transformation and innovation and talent management. The new joint venture company strengthens this collaboration and leverages their joint capabilities. The formation of Streebo UK&I allows each entity to further collaborate in developing solutions and co-innovations in AI and digital transformation space. Streebo UK&I will benefit from the combined experience and expertise of the two established players. It aims to address the rapidly changing requirements of digital transformation within both large and mid-size enterprises.

Rauf Memon, Head of WW Sales & Business Development at Streebo Inc said:” There is a huge demand for Streebo’s Pre-Trained Bots and Digital Transformation & AI Services in the European market. Our “Bot As A Service” and “Pay Per Usage” model is a game changer in the industry. With Streebo UK&I now we can now serve the UK and Ireland markets much better as we have established a local presence” The joint venture will be led by Granville Smithies, Director at AFM Solutions. The goal of this agile, innovative company is to establish local presence and expand its footprint through channel and technology partners. Streebo UK&I’s headquarters are located in Guildford, Surrey in England, in close proximity to London. The vicinity of London, which is a big Financial Services center, is noteworthy as Streebo UK&I remains focused on the BFSI sector.

Granville Smithies, CEO of Streebo UK&I said: “Streebo is a disruptor in the Mobile & AI space. In Streebo DXA, they have unique technology that generates omni-channel experiences from a single code base. This innovation coupled with their extensive Enterprise Bot Store will allow our clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey. With the new venture we will give access to Streebo’s product and services in UK & Ireland – we are excited about this partnership”

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About Streebo
Streebo, established in 2008 and headquartered in Houston, Texas works with customers around the world to deliver AI and Mobile solutions. With its established technology partnership with IBM, RedHat and HCL, Streebo has provided digital transformation solutions to some of the world’s leading enterprises. Its conversational technology and AI capabilities along with its industry & domain expertise helps enterprises build world-class digital experience for their users, customers, and partners!

About AFM Solutions
AFM, established in 1999 has for many years provided innovative financing for business capital assets in the UK. Since 2004 it has majored in HR Benefits Programmes, Renewable Energy Initiatives, Automatic Production Machinery Renewal, Pharmaceutical Dispensing Equipment, and from 2013 in Talent Management Services including Assessments, Brassring ATS, Watson AI and Talent Frameworks, and from 2017 in Employee Surveys. It is a Reselling Business Partner of IBM, HCL, SHL, and Qx. It successfully assists suppliers to maximise their product uptake by providing implementation benefit to their end user clients.

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