What is this training for

Learn how to build a chat and voice interface for an existing web app or a mobile app!


2-day training available onsite and remote

Targeted towards

IT Leaders, Architects and Developers

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Streebo, an IBM Business Partner specializes in making existing web applications and mobile applications, voice and chat activated. Streebo in conjunction with IBM is currently offering a power packed 2-day comprehensive training on building a world class conversational interface, a bot interface to your existing web or mobile app. This training will make you market ready and will train you on the ‘smartest’ and the latest tools and technology of the AI world!

So what are you waiting for? Assemble a chatbot with experts today and increase your outreach & maximize your returns!
What will you learn in the training?

Webinar RegistrationAdvent of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing
Webinar RegistrationConversational Interface (CI) and its advantages
Webinar RegistrationDesign principles of voice and chat activation
Webinar RegistrationDesigning the Bot for Navigation
Webinar RegistrationBuilding Dialog Flow using Streebo DXA – Chatbot builder
Webinar RegistrationServices Orchestration and integrating with Backends
Webinar RegistrationTraining the Bot for Intents using IBM Watson Assistant
Webinar RegistrationGovernance and Security of Bot
Webinar RegistrationDeploy & Test the conversational Interface
Webinar RegistrationManaging ongoing training and testing
Register today and learn the art of conversational AI in no time!