Deploy an Intelligent Sales Chatbot assistant

Sales is process intensive and involves a lot of communication with customers. An intelligent Sales Chatbot can be the difference between an efficient sales process and a flawed one. With an assistant at hand, sales professionals can close a lot of deals, maintain communication records and have all the needed information handy, as and when it is needed. With the help of Streebo’s sales chatbot, sales reps can yield the power of quick information access and processing to translate opportunities and drive revenue.

Business processes that your
Enterprise can transform with Chatbots


Generate CRM reports
via conversations

Send real-time sales updates to the sales reps

Record updates, add notes to an opportunity and keep track of progress

Analyze customer profile, visitor activity and establish relevant conversations proactively

Easily furnish information regarding leads and its progress on demand

Talk to prospect, answer queries and upsell where it makes sense

Super Charge Your Sales process and Accelerate
Customer Acquisition

Sales chatbot works as a company’s representative by being available as per the customer’s convenience and simplifies even the most complicated sales processes. With a sales chatbot in place, businesses can not only make communication with the customer – better, but also very impactful.

trained Sales Assistant – Available 24/7

It is a big task to stay connected with the customers as per their availability and sales chatbot makes it easy. With smart chatbot, companies can offer an omnichannel journey to their customers along with a high-quality service. Sales chatbots are the modern AI-based bots designed to support sales and efforts of a sales team. Give your sales team the support they need and assist your customers after sales – with an intelligent chat interface.

Key Differentiators of Streebo Chatbot Builder

Sales-Chatbot Low Code Automation Tooling
Sales-Chatbot Cross-Platform Availability
Sales-Chatbot Comprehensive Security
Sales-Chatbot Flexible NLP Selection
Sales-Chatbot Easy Deployment Options
Sales-Chatbot Lower Maintenance Cost
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