Creating User-Centric Designs

A research by Nielsen Norman Group discovered that 77% of first-time visitors don’t scroll. At all. Translating it: when a visitor arrives at your website for the first time, they only see what is above the fold. Another stats suggest – 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. These stats clearly indicate how important it is to create good user experiences on our website and mobile. Website Usability is also one of the leading factors that determine the ranking of website and would help improve your search visibility.

Design experts at Streebo Interactive would evaluate the overall experience of using your website on web, mobile and other interfaces and prepare an extensive report with findings and suggestions on how to improve it. They would analyze the website on factors like accessibility, clarity, learnability, credibility and relevancy.

Website Usability Offerings


Usability Testing


Web/Mobile Analytics


Expert Deisgn Review


Information Architecture Analysis

Website Usability Process

Our process ensures to come up with specific UX issues which can addressed to improve overall performance.
website usability
website usability


We undertake a thorough research on your industry & audience & understand the typical user beahiors and analytics data to understand current issues.
website usability


Based on the research data, we define audiences for usability test (internal & external) and come up with an extensive plan to conduct these tests.

Analyze Findings

We anayze & prepare extensive reports gathering data from analytics, usability test & other feedback, to clearly highlight findings & suggestions.
website usability

Conduct Usability Test

We conduct usability test with the set of questions with laid out steps and record these for a close watch by our analysts.
website usability
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