Maximize Returns on
SAP Investments

With the advent of digital revolution, enterprises across the globe face an unprecedented set of challenges in form of increasing customer expectations, increasing cost of digitization, regulatory & compliance requirements and unrelenting competition. Moreover, non-traditional competition arising from the test-bed of emergent technologies and channels such as; mobile, cloud and social pose unique challenges to stay relevant to your customers and succeed.

Lot of enterprises rely on SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP PLM and SAP SCM systems to innovate in the market-place as well as to standardize operations. However, the bigger challenge is to find an application development platform that is flexible (To integrate with various SAP systems), inexpensive, scalable and secure enough to meet regulatory compliance.

Streebo with its automation tooling ‘DX Accelerator’ has successfully achieved complex integration with various SAP backends helped enterprises increase their returns and attain ‘digital objectives’.

Watch how we helped a leading Credit Society
build their digital future with our automation approach

Streebo’s Approach to Solving Your Integration
& App Development Challenges

Intuitive UI & UX

Streebo DX Accelerator leverages ready templates and standard industry framework from industry leading IBM Mobile Platform to create mobile apps with intuitive user interface (UI) and exceptional user experience (UX).

Maximum Returns on
Investment (ROI)

With its No OR Low Code framework, Streebo DX Accelerator helps IT teams in going market very quickly and, at a significantly lower cost.

Seamless Integration to
SAP Backends

With its unique, ‘Point and Click Interface’; Streebo DX Accelerator helps IT and Line of Business teams integrate apps with ease and thus modernize your applications, faster!


System consolidation and migration to achieve operational efficiency
Third Party Integrations can be done with an ease of point and click
User friendly design combined with flexible platform ease up IT operations
App updates can be easily made using flexible and robust platform
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