Travel App Development

Today customers have an insatiable appetite for comfort. Anything or any technology that makes life easy, becomes popular. Hence when travel booking, that entailed intense research, taking to friends and travel agents became as simple as a swipe and click on a mobile app – it gained traction amongst the new-age digitally inclined customer.

As a result, travel agencies have now takein their business to the digital platform. Now most of the travel planning support is given online, making the processes more efficient with minimum workforce requirement. Online travel portal booking solution simplifies the travel arrangements and streamlines the business procedure. A travel app can help to organize a trip, suggest new places to visit, offer 24/7 assistance, respond immediately to traveler’s queries and save user’s time.

Transform Travel Planning and Booking Experience
with Travel Application

Travel Application Travel Booking
Book flights, hotels and cars from one platform. Provide instant information about travel rates and packages.
Travel Application Trip Weather Updates
Provide weather reports and suggestions for any destination requested and its best time for a visit.
Travel Application Tracking Status
Track flight status, flight details, delay check or gate number and receive travel updates via SMS, email or notifications.
Travel Application Trip Advisor
Take travel trip tips & suggestions based on information of travel duration, budget, purpose
Travel Application Travel Management
Manage hassle-free trips, view details, request e-tickets and make cancellations
Travel Application Travel agent
Make a reservation, provide travel assistance, share maps, send alerts and notifications


Travel Application

Comprehensive Security
Travel Application

Flexible Deployment Options
Travel Application

Incremental Revenue
Travel Application

Faster time to market
Travel Application

Multichannel access
Travel Application

In-app notifications

Build unbeatable travel apps with
Streebo’s DX accelerator!

Streebo’s DX Accelerator is a bundle that contains a Digital platform and its set of no or low code tooling that allows IT teams and Line of Business to collaboratively and rapidly assemble slick and intuitive Web, Mobile and Chat Bot interfaces that can be easily integrated with enterprise web-services using point-and-click software. What’s more? If you want to embed modules OR artificially intelligent features in your existing apps OR migrate these apps to more robust and scalable IBM® Mobile OR Bluemix platform, that can be done in no time!

Leveraging industry’s leading IBM mobile foundation and digital Experience Manager platforms, Streebo DX Accelerator lets you quickly build cross-platform applications (iOS, Android and Windows) complying with industry standard frameworks, such as Ionic, Angular JS, Sencha, Cordova etc. and integrate with multiple backends (and database) with ease.

Make your Apps Intelligent with these Features

Travel Application Language Translator
Translate text from one language to anothe
Travel Application Document Conversion
Convert documents into multiple languages and file types
Travel Application Chatbots
Integrate a Chatbot with the travel app for better customer experience
Travel Application Natural Language Processing
Analyze text to extract meta-data from content such as concepts, entities, keywords and more
Travel Application Visual Recognition
Tag, classify and search visual content using machine learning
Travel Application Speech to Text
Convert audio and voice into written text for quick understanding of content
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