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Webinar Registration25th April, Thursday
Webinar Registration11:00am PT/ 2:00pm ET


Webinar Registration
Bill Swatling
Streebo Americas
Are you ready to address your IT and Business needs with a breakthrough technology that cuts your development time and cost in half? Join us to learn more about this technology and go-to-market strategy from IBM and Streebo that can transform your business digitally and change the revenue and cost landscape of your enterprise completely!

Join us to learn how to increase outreach, improve adoption and reduce operational cost for your organization by leveraging IBM Cloud & AI (Watson) technology and transforming your legacy applications (.net, desktop, WebSphere apps) into cross-platform, AI-powered smart applications at a SIGNIFICANTLY LOW cost and time!
In this 30-minute webinar you will learn how to:

Webinar RegistrationMake your WebSphere Application available on mobile devices as a downloadable app thus allowing your business to leverage mobile features such as camera, barcode reader and offline capabilities
Webinar RegistrationLeverage IBM Watson technology and embed an AI powered Virtual Assistant/Chatbot that will guide your users through your WebSphere Application thus improving adoption of your application
Webinar RegistrationMake your WebSphere App compatible with messaging clients such as WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger thus increasing your outreach
Webinar RegistrationMake your WebSphere Application “voice commerce” compatible with devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home and improve user experience
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