Automated Testing for Chatbots

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Chatbot has now gained an edge over leading domains of the market such as Insurance, Health, Banking, Power sectors, etc. with the increasing demand of bot on the current market. It is vital to maintain the quality of the bot. So how can we achieve this? Below are some points to be tested to make sure the bot responds properly further providing comprehensive analysis of the chatbot:
Traversing from one intent to another to check whether it provides the correct responses.
A response with poor grammar can be a nightmare for any person. Automating and matching the exact response in the succinct report formed can further provide better usability.
Bot ability to validate inputs like email addresses, zip codes and mobile numbers.
Bot should fail gracefully if the situation demands. That is, asking the same question again if the user fails to understand or transferring to a live agent in case of a customer care service.
As we know for all the criteria to test manually needs a lot of time and effort. So, how can automation can help in decreasing these complexities?

Chatbot Automation Testing can be done in three variants:
1. General Case Test (Bot is tested with any intent)
2. Domain Specific Test (Bot is tested under domain specific intent)
3. Limit Test (Bot is tested under limited specific intent)
Once Chatbot is ready from dev side, it is deployed for automation testing. We are using a Botium Community edition framework that helps to automate bot testing. We can even customize this framework setting our needs.

We can get test productivity in a fast and reliable source. Below is the diagram which demonstrates how Quality Chat bot Build is delivered.
Chatbot Build
Chat Automation framework
Botium Chat Bot Engine
Multiple user test
Multiple environment test
Parallel test
Training Quality Chat Bot Build
Setup Bot Testing Framework
Use the Quick start wizard to attach your chatbot and begin testing
Prepare datasets for bot
Framework comes with Datasets for various chatbot domains. Save time designing and writing conversations
Chatbot testing start
Test your bot from A to Z, moving further to the user interface and ending up talking to a device
Graphical HTML Report
Graphical Report Contain Pass/ Fail result, Duplicated Intents, Duplicated Keywords, Conflict, etc.
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