Serve Customers Capably with a Conversational Chatbot!

Chatbot Utility Sector
Utility businesses are increasingly relying on Chatbots to boost the quality of communication with customers. Superior customer experiences will lead to better customer satisfaction and higher retention. By engaging with utility subscribers, resolving their queries and providing timely notifications without any human intervention, utility chatbots successfully bringdown the manpower costs. According to a report from Gartner, chatbots will amount for 85% of all customer interactions by 2020. Over the last decade, we have seen brands shift from just websites to mobile friendly websites and then to apps. Customers are now driving this shift towards omnichannel presence and hence brands are looking to provide a Chatbot on their websites, apps as well as on other popular chat platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

A Utility Chatbot becomes an instant solution provider for your subscribers by answering most routinely asked questions, sending monthly bill payment updates, raising timely alerts and ensuring an unparalleled conversational experience in the most critical customer moments.

Transform the Way Your Utility Business Communicates!

chatbot Utility-Sector Answer customer queries and register complaints or maintenance requests
chatbot Utility-Sector Simplify frequent transactions like bill payments and maintenance charges
chatbot Utility-Sector Send timely bill, complaint and maintenance status to customers
chatbot Utility-Sector Provide timely weather alerts and updates on maintenance schedules and interruptions
chatbot Utility-Sector Provide tailored advice to customers for inculcating energy saving habits
chatbot Utility-Sector Help customers easily determine their energy needs and choose the best suited plans

Gain Customer Insights and Serve Them Better

chatbot Utility-Sector
Initiate conversations with customers to test new energy plans and services
chatbot Utility-Sector
Understand customer need, segmentation and brand perception based on conversations
chatbot Utility-Sector
Create tailored proposals highlighting incremental benefits to customers

Reach Customers on
The Channel of Their Choice

Utility companies can engage their customers in a conversational experience to pay utility bills, register complaints, schedule maintenance and more by deploying an intelligent chatbot on not just website or mobile application, but on widely used messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and Slack to name a few. Smart bots communicate with customers and give them information on demand (24*7), reduce costs, increase reach and drive productivity.
Chatbot Utility Sector

Streebo – Your Trusted
Utility Chatbot Solution Provider!

Streebo has launched a revolutionary Chatbot Builder to help build chat assistants easily, using a drag and drop interface. From addressing basic customer queries to streamlining bill payments for utilities like electricity, gas and water, Streebo’s Utility industry chatbot transforms the way utility companies connect with customers. Using a unique set of no or low code tooling, you can now build chatbots for your Utility Services at a rapid pace. Our enterprise grade utility chatbots make interactions humanlike; but more accurate and faster without compromising security or compliance.
Chatbot Utility Sector

Key Differentiators of Streebo Chatbot Builder

chatbot Utility-Sector Faster Time to Market with App Automation
chatbot Utility-Sector Leverages Reliable & Secure IBM Watson Technology
chatbot Utility-Sector Seamless Integration with any utility backend system
chatbot Utility-Sector Easy Chatbot Modification with No Coding Required
chatbot Utility-Sector Cross-Platform, Cross-Device deployment Compatibility
chatbot Utility-Sector Lower Support & Maintenance Costs