Red Hat- Streebo Partnership

RedHat Partner

Streebo became Red Hat’s partner since its acquisition by IBM in 2019. Realizing the potential and robustness of Red Hat’s AI compatible platforms we began infusing our Chatbot Solution with Red Hat products such as Open Shift, JBoss, Fuse among others.

Streebo’s Cloud-ready Chatbot solution powered by our copyrighted dynamic automation tool DXA (Digital Experience Accelerator) when combined with Red Hat’s open source products makes up a very powerful, enterprise-grade, robust, scalable, secure solution that enterprises possibly cannot go wrong with.

Red Hat’s Chatbot Solution

RedHat Partner
Streebo is an expert in building AI powered Virtual Assistants. With its revolutionary low code, no code tooling, Streebo can build Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven, AI powered Bots over 9x faster. These Chatbots are superior in quality and provide immediate value to an organization. Red Hat powered Chatbots can extend customer’s existing apps to multiple social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook without writing separate code for each, effectively increasing an enterprise’s Customer Outreach and Acquisition!

Red Hat Products we work with

Open Shift

Red Hat Open Shift isn’t just another Container Platform, it supports containerization along with 64% faster deployment into Cloud environment of customer’s choice

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JBoss application server is an open-source platform, developed by Red Hat, used for implementing Java applications and a wide variety of other software applications. Red Hat’s JBoss EAP 7 allows for secure and scalable deployment options, i.e. develop apps once and deploy them faster on-prem or on virtual, hybrid, private or public clouds easily.

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Rather than just providing pre-packaged mobile app development platforms like others, Red Hat’s MAP combines Integrated Mobile App developer microservices with containers providing a cloud-native environment as well.

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3 Scale

Red Hat’s 3 Scale is a revolutionary tooling that allows API configurations in Hybrid Cloud environments as well as on-prem, or at local with the same technology stack.

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Red Hat’s Fuse is an agile Integration Solution, which is also compatible with other Red Hat products such as Open Shift, 3 Scale & AMQ. Fuse supports everything from legacy systems to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and can be integrated with over 200 included connectors, with deployment options over public/private cloud or as a hosted service.

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Red Hat AMQ provides fast, lightweight, and secure messaging for Internet-scale applications. AMQ is not just another messaging application development console, it supports integration of messaging apps from disparate sources and provides a single management interface to maintain them efficiently.

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Streebo’s Red Hat powered Conversational Interface

Streebo has a Conversational Interface Offering which consists of leading Red Hat Products. Streebo modernizes and containerizes the existing App structure of an organization with cloud-ready Red Hat Products and makes the app voice and chat activated by extending client’s existing desktop, web and mobile applications to a Conversational Interface. This Conversational Interface can reside on multiple channels of customer’s choice such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Sametime, Slack among others without requiring separate code base or maintenance for each.

Red Hat’s Conversational Interface is powered by the leading NLP (Natural Language Processing) Engine IBM Watson Assistant

The intelligence and intuitiveness of the Conversational Interface (CI) is provided by IBM Watson Assistant. It is recognized as the leading NLP by Forrester and Gartner. Watson identifies the user utterance and co-relates it to the relevant intent and gets the conversation going.

ROI with Watson Assistant

Forester’s interviews with four existing customers and subsequent financial analysis found that they experienced benefits of $23.9 million over three years versus costs of $5.5 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $18.4 million and an ROI of 337%.

Business Benefits of Streebo’s AI & Red Hat powered Chatbots

Research, studies and real world implementation of Red Hat powered Streebo Chatbots show that by adding AI powered Voice & Chat interfaces, Enterprises are seeing better adoption of their Digital Properties as well as some very compelling Employee and Customer centric Business Benefits
Employee Centric Business Benefits
80% Increase in Productivity
With Red Hat powered Streebo bots in place, employees can focus on higher value work, stay happy and not get frustrated working on repetitive, mundane tasks such as fund transfer or answering same questions over and over again to different customers and such.
70% Decrease in Operational Cost
Red Hat Bots are faster, more efficient and cheaper than human agents! In addition, they do not require holidays, insurance, time-off or any other perks or benefits human agents demands! Hence an organization experiences decreased operational cost over a period of time!
Improved Accuracy
Computers are more accurate than humans and neither do they have a transient memory. As a result, enterprises in general enjoy higher accuracy rates with Red Hat Bots! This in turn contributes to higher Customer Satisfaction Index and enhanced Brand value!
Affordable Head Count
Streebo has a variety of Bots for every employee, every function, every role which means Enterprise Bots can handle variety of functions with ease and aplomb! This allows organizations to afford to scale operations with a limited set of FTEs (Full Time Employees) and save cost!
Customer Centric Business Benefits
90% Increase in Customer Satisfaction
24×7 availability, consistent customer experience, 100% accuracy, personalized, customized service/answers, zero mood deflections are some of the benefits that AI powered Pre-Trained Red Hat Bots from Streebo offers because of their programmed selves and also because of the basic nature of computers/machines/systems, leading to a very high Customer Satisfaction Index!
Expanded Customer Reach
Streebo’s Pre-Trained Enterprise Bots are available across 52+ channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Skype and more, thus allowing Enterprises to reach customers on channels of their choice!
Increased Customer Acquisition
The Virtual Agent Red Hat solution from Streebo offers various statistics and figures that an organization can analyze for deeper insights into Customer behavior, buying or browsing patterns and more. This allows Enterprises to make data driven decisions instead of relying on intuition, guesses and hunches (resulting in more accurate and promising returns)!
Increased Customer Retention
A retained customer is always a HAPPY customer! Features like high customer satisfaction, 100% accurate answers, 24×7 availability, customized offers and discounts, consistent and complete customer experience are the key benefits offered by Streebo’s Red Hat powered Enterprise Bots that make customers HAPPY, compelling them to stay with the Organization and the Brand!

Streebo also provides Industry & Domain specific solutions tailored to suit the dynamic enterprise needs


Chatbots have started flooding mainstream business sites and banks are frontrunners in integrating bots to their digital assets. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Banking Chatbot Solution in addition to being an informative FAQ bot also automates transactional banking use-cases as well such as Fund Transfer, Checking Account Balance, Paying Bills among others with equal ease.

Streebo organized “Tranform your Business Landscape with AI-Powered Chatbots from Red Hat & Streebo” Webinar with Red Hat on 31st July 2020

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Consumers today are interacting with enterprises via chat and they are expecting fast, personalized service from their insurance providers. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Insurance Chatbots are quite revolutionary as they help the Customers to purchase new policies, getting a quote, track customer’s active policies along with many such other functions. The bot also supports questions related to various services of the insurance organization and provides an end user instant response to a query.
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Online retailers have started embracing chatbots to offer rich and personalized experiences through a conversational platform to bolster retail industry’s efforts in embracing the cutting-edge AI technology. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Chatbots help the Retail Customers to browse through products, view product specs and also in purchasing cycle, in all acting as a Retail Concierge. The user can track their orders via the bot as well.
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Today as Artificial Intelligence and automation are making headlines, Telcos are best placed to draw benefit from it by automating business processes and getting the best ROI. To stay in line with their initiatives, Red Hat Powered Streebo Chatbot enables telecom operators to inform their users about the latest offers and also facilitate mobile recharges, purchase of Data/Call packages among other functions.
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The new-age traveler prefers instant messaging for solving grievances and expect a good customer service experience. To ensure instant grievance redressal, facilitate quick room-booking and automate many such other functions and tasks, Streebo’s Red Hat powered Chatbot Builder builds an omnichannel solution for the customer.
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Chatbots for the travel and leisure industry, also known as ‘virtual travel agent’, are getting popular with the millennial traveler. Travel aggregators who deal with hotel, flight & travel booking are realizing the potential of good, intelligent, robust & secure Chatbots and are adopting them instantly. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Chatbots not only builds a robust and secure solution but also automates functions like flight status, hotel booking and many others to provide the user with a seamless experience.
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Health Care

Increase in the Digital Health Solutions have risen the expectations of Health Care Customers, who want instant booking of appointments with their physicians, ease of access to their medical records and test results in the comfort of their homes. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Chatbot Health Care Solution caters to the customer’s needs and delivers more with automated appointment bookings, centralized access to their medical history and many such functionalities.
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With the ever-changing trends of utility customer, the Utility companies are looking to have the latest technology to be abreast with the competition. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Utility Chatbots automate business processes such as accounting, payment of bills, answering of redundant queries among others to provide the customer a quick and consistent experience.
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With ever increasing citizen expectations in constantly evolving world, govt. agencies have been compelled to adopt new technologies. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Government Chatbot Solutions allows netizens to apply for official documents, apply for e-permits and many such functions via the bot making the processing & approval of such tasks real easy & quick.
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The tech-savvy flyers no longer want to wait hours for their check ins or at the Airline counters to confirm their seats, they want faster ticket bookings and dynamicity in the services that Airlines provide them. To stay true to customer’s expectations Streebo’s Red Hat powered Airline Chatbot Solution automates e-ticket booking, web-check in, online seat confirmation & much more on the channel of customer’s choice.
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Financial Services

Financial Services Organizations have accepted the surge of AI solutions and are steadily employing AI powered Chatbots to interact with their customers. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Financial Services Chatbots can help Financial Services customers with Loan Applications, Mortgage Applications, Quote Generation, Policy Purchase & Premium Payment among other things. Red Hat-Streebo AI Financial Services Brief Economic Impact on Red Hat & IBM’s Financial Services Solution Know more

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Streebo’s Domain Specific Red Hat Powered Chatbot Solutions

Customer Support

To cater to each customer and resolve their queries ensuring it’s up to their expectations is a mammoth task for every organization. Streebo’s Red Hat powered Customer Support Chatbots automate the response to the Customer queries ensuring a seamless experience, they are also available on the social media such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Sametime and many more. This exceptional approach is bound to increase the Customer Satisfaction rate and happy customers are certain to bring repeated business!

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Streebo’s Red Hat Powered Sales Bot allows organizations to stay ahead in the current competitive world, by allowing the sales team to track and manage various functions such as tracking and updating sales leads from CRM & other systems to improve their efficiency significantly.

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Human Resources

It’s hard to ensure compliance of each employee in a vast organization workforce as well as ascertain every employee’s productivity. Streebo’s Red Hat powered HR Chatbots act as a personal assistant to employees and helps them track and manage their tasks, apply for leaves, file expenses, determine compliance among other functions.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Using Both IBM And Red Hat Solutions Together.
Potential Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By IBM and Red Hat.

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