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Chatbot Builder

IT and Line of Business teams can rapidly assemble slick and intuitive Chatbot interfaces with Streebo DXA. The drag and drop interface helps to build structured conversations with skip logic, validations rules using multiple question type. Control the look and feel of your chat interface, to drive superior conversations. Easily integrate your chatbot to any backend of your choice with a point and click Integration interface. Read more on how to build a chatbot.

NLP Engine

Chatbots must analyze the structure of the message, identify keywords and map users’ intent to the conversational flow. NLP engines like Watson workspace, can understand the customer’s text or voice command and take action as per the inbuilt logic.

DXA Platform

With Streebo DXA, build cross-platform, cross-device chatbots and govern the access and make security controls using this governance platform. Integrating these chatbots into an existing digital property and setting appropriate access controls is now very easy with DXA. Chatbots are also available on RedHat, Samsung platforms apart from IBM technology.

Chat Client

Embed your chatbots directly onto the platform of your choice – be it a company website, mobile app or 3rd party messengers like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack or any other. Customers can now communicate with the company on platform of their choice, thus extending reach beyond your own website.

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Stand out Features

Chatbot Builder ‘Drag and Drop’ Interface for easier creation and management of chat interfaces
Chatbot Builder Chatbot Branding and UI/UX Customizations
Chatbot Builder Real-Time Chat Analytics
Chatbot Builder Easy Integration to any backend like CRM, ERP or 3rd party services
Chatbot Builder Humans can take over as soon as the level of questions goes beyond a certain point
Chatbot Builder Map conversational intent easily by selecting an NLP of your choice
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