Transform Communication with Chatbot Driven
Intelligent Interactions

IBM Watson Assistant is a robust platform to build conversational AI solutions. Watson Assistant has been named the leader in Forrester’s New Wave report on Conversational Computing. Streebo leverages IBM Watson Assistant to build simple FAQ based bots, transactional bots to highly complex enterprise grate bots that understand intent and engage in humanlike conversations. IBM Watson assistant powered Chatbots and Applications are the preferred choice of enterprises for high security and advanced AI. Streebo enhances these Conversational AI solutions and builds formidable Bots that can automate complex conversations and provide the much-needed assistance, to customers, employees and other users anytime from anywhere.

Watson Assistant Mechanism is Based On:

Watson-Assistant-Consulting Intent
Intents are the purposes or goals that are expressed in a user’s input, such as answering a question or processing a payment
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Entity
An entity represents a class of object or data type that is relevant to a user’s purpose
Once the intent is identified, conversational flow created earlier is invoked. Watson will analyze the input and respond based on the intent and entity – in a way that simulates a dialog between humans.

IBM Watson Assistant Features

Quickly train a Chatbot/Virtual Assistant
Deploy multi-turn dialogs and response variations based on different conditions
Easily handle off topic queries
Access chat logs to understand user expectations
Reveals insights using analytics capabilities
Deliver valuable, private and secure experience

Why Enterprises want to ‘Botify’ Themselves

Watson-Assistant-Consulting Widespread use of Messaging Apps
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Rise of Superior Conversational Interfaces
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Rising Maturity of AI & Machine Learning
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Rising customer expectations
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Need to provide instant response 24×7
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Need for improving customer service at lower costs

Chatbot powered by Watson Assistant – transforming
conversational experiences

Watson Assistant transforms conversational experiences by expertly handing highly complex conversations. Built using Watson Assistant, Streebo has developed a stack of pre-trained bots for various industries. Additionally, the IBM WA can also be integrated with CRM, ERP and other such industry specific systems to include quick and accurate but highly secure, approval-based access to information for informed decision making.

IBM Watson Assistant + Streebo Chatbot Builder – Key Takeways

Watson-Assistant-Consulting Easily create and manage chat interfaces with low code/no code tooling
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Build multi-turn dialogs and response variations based on different conditions
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Provide Multilingual and Voice enabled Chat support
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Instantly update the bot across all the devices for an app, website & third-party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or slack
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Deploy the chatbot across all the operating systems and devices without any hassle
Watson-Assistant-Consulting Never compromise on the security aspect with the IBM powered Streebo chatbots
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