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What Insurance industries can do to adapt and overcome the Industry Change

Streebo, a leading Digital Transformation Company has created an immensely powerful, intelligent, and a Pre-trained AI-Powered Insurance Streebo’s AI-Powered Insurance ChatbotChatbot for Customers. These bots are pre-integrated with most of the ERP/Insurance Management Systems, and CRM for lead management purposes, OCR for verification of documents, Quote Generation engine, etc., which are commonly used in the insurance industry. Our bots are very intuitive, highly intelligent, and can be extended to multiple channels, such as social media channels WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Skype, among others and voice-enabled platforms like Google Home, Amazon Alexa.

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Business Benefits


Decreased Operational Cost as the customer queries will be handled via chatbot itself and will remarkably increase the conversion rate by 15%.

Increased Revenue & Customer Outreach because of the extended presence on multiple digital channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, WeChat, Telegram, Skype.

Increased Productivity by automating business processes.

Round the clock Customer Query Resolution which will significantly increase Customer Satisfaction rate and Customer Retention rate

Hence Virtual Assistants will not only be cost-effective but will also ease out business management by providing automated customer support.

Pre-trained Bots/Virtual Assistants

Empowering Customers & Agents with
Insurance Chatbot


24×7 Agent Service


Agent Training


Claims Settlements


Document Retreival


Lead Management & Reports


Premium Payments


Quote Generation

Drive Business Growth using Pre-Trained Smart Chatbots

  • 99% Accurate
  • Pay-Per-Usage

Insurance Chatbot extended on Social Media Channel

Artificial-Intelligence-Powered-Bot-for-Healthcare-Pharmacy-Dealer Facebook Messenger Bot
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered-Bot-for-Healthcare-Pharmacy-Dealer WhatsApp Bot
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered-Bot-for-Healthcare-Pharmacy-Dealer SMS Bot
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered-Bot-for-Healthcare-Pharmacy-Dealer Telegram Bot

Why Streebo’s Pre-Tranied Smart Chatbot?

According to a Juniper Study, the insurance sector will be benefited from AI including chatbots with cost savings of $1.3 billion (about $4 per person in the US) by 2023, up from $300 million in 2019.

Hence by rolling out AI-Powered Insurance bot are trained Chatbot and Conversational Interfaces across channels Insurance Industry will witness benefits such as:
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Built-in Domain Intelligence
Streebo in collaboration with its technology partner deploys highly intelligent pre-trained Bots that can emulate business processes pertaining to the Insurance sector.
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Omni-Channel Experience
Streebo’s Life Insurance bot can be deployed across social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Skype, among others. They can even handle voice channels such as IVR, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Bots can even be deployed to on web (existing Insurance site) and mobile (existing mobile app)
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Pre-Integrated with Backends
It comes in pre-integrated into most of the ERP/Insurance Management Systems such as Applied Epic, AMS 360, Jenesis, and CRM such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc. which are commonly used in the insurance industry.
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Flexible Deployment Models
It can be deployed on-premises or on IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Ease of Development & Maintenance
Streebo’s Pre-Trained Smart bot is built using open standards such as Java and JavaScript. Also comes bundled in with Streebo’s bot Builder a low code no code tooling to assemble, integrate and manage the bot. Thus, making it easy for both line of business and people in IT with minimal or no background in Artificial Intelligence to assemble, integrate and manage the bot moving forward. Streebo’s bot builder is optional development-only tooling that customers can choose or they can directly develop and manage it using standard IDEs such as Eclipse and Visual Studio.
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Chat Analytics
Streebo’s analytics dashboard is developed to record and display systemic data, metrics, preferences, and trends which eventually help in monitoring user interactions, and can be adapted accordingly to give relevant responses and take business decisions.

Our AI-Powered Chatbot Supports Below mentioned Features:

Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Guaranteed Bot Intelligence Index of 99%(*BII = No of ques answered correctly/no of relevant ques asked)
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Omni-channel Solution
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Secured
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Multilingual Support with support for over 38 languages
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Support for both voice and chat channels
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Inbuilt Live Agent Support

Our pre-trained Insurance Bot are trained in the following Operations

Artificial-Intelligence-Powered FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Learning Center (Videos/Articles)
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Product Catalogue
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Order Management
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Download Forums
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Profile Management
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Login/Registration
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Branch Locator
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Quote Management
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Claim Management
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Policy Service (View, Download)
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Online Payment
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Newsletters
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Contact Us/Customer Support (Live Agent)

Pricing Options

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) bot includes

Artificial-Intelligence-Powered 3 transactional use cases
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered 1 backend integrations
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered 50 FAQ’s
Artificial-Intelligence-Powered Channels – Web, Mobile App, 1 Social media channel such as WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger

Capex Option

Artificial-Intelligence-Powered You can choose to buy the MVP Bot.

Opex Option

Artificial-Intelligence-Powered You can choose to Subscribe to the MVP Bot at no upfront setup fee.

Pay Per Usage

Artificial-Intelligence-Powered This is a conversation-based subscription and tied to the number of conversations, hence there is no constraint on the scope.

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