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Chatbots are gradually becoming the default choice for all customer service tasks across industries. People prefer chatbots over all other touchpoints and have shown a higher rate of satisfaction with instant and personalized responses. Government bodies have also started implementing chatbots to simplify the engagement between them and the people. With comprehensive bots, the state and local governments are virtually functioning 24*7, enabling easy access to services and processing multiple service requests simultaneously. Bots take over majority of the routine tasks and allow staff to focus on other complex initiatives. With a wide range of service responsibilities, leveraging the latest technology and building a conversational government is of utmost importance for government bodies as it lets them accomplish their duties at significantly lower costs.

Here are a few use cases where chatbots can significantly assist the government:
 Chatbot for Government Respond to FAQs
 Chatbot for Government Quick access to public data
 Chatbot for Government Information about citizen rights
 Chatbot for Government Notification on policy changes
 Chatbot for Government Tax and bill payments
 Chatbot for Government Check eligibility criteria for grants
and subsidies

More Power to Citizens with a Secure Government Chatbot

 Chatbot for Government

24*7 Online Support

Chatbots can instantly fetch information regarding various laws and regulations, events, public holidays and various other activities and empower citizens with all the details at their fingertips! Error free responses and availability even after office hours and on business holidays increases the credibility of the government.
 Chatbot for Government

Self Service Guide

Chatbots guide customers through a step by step support for any task. Whether its filling a form, making payments, filing tax and claims, renewing licenses or registering a complaint, the chatbot is there to take you through the process from end-to-end.
 Chatbot for Government

Up-to-date Information

Chatbots enable citizens to get the latest information regarding applications, e-forms, rules & regulations, and all other public services through mere conversations. They also keep the government updated regarding all citizen queries and information.

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Key Differentiators of Streebo Chatbot Builder

 Chatbot for Government Automation Builder
Drag & Drop interface for easier creation & management of chat interfaces
 Chatbot for Government Cross-Platform Availability
Embed chatbots on web, app or 3rd party chat messengers like Facebook Messenger
 Chatbot for Government Comprehensive Security
Powered by IBM Technology, Streebo Chatbots are highly secure
 Chatbot for Government Flexible NLP Selection
Select an NLP of your choice – IBM Watson, Wit.ai or other to be integrated with bot
 Chatbot for Government Flexible Deployment Options
Deploy on-premise OR on cloud
 Chatbot for Government Lower Development & Maintenance Cost
Single code base for all digital assets and automation tool
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