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Need for Next-Gen Technology in Hospitality Industry
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What Marketeers from Hospitality Businesses can do to adapt and overcome the Industry Change?

With innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbot technology has matured to a point where it can give a seamless experience to hospitality & hotel customers. Chatbots can make it possible to interact with customers within a trusted environment in a way that traditional channels cannot achieve. Conversational AI for Hospitality Business can connect customers more directly and effectively across communication channels. Going beyond web & mobile, using the chatbot as a component in an omnichannel marketing strategy will allow hospitality businesses to engage users across all channels and expand their network. A hotel chatbot can be invaluable for hotel owners & managers, offering rapid response times for the queries, improving the experience in hotels, and helping to make marketing efforts more personal and meaningful.
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Lastly, by adding Chatbot to their booking website, businesses can increase the average time spent by users on their web page which in turn has a direct effect on their SEO rankings. According to a recent Deloitte study, on an average, businesses improved their bounce rate by over 17% by deploying chatbots on their website.

Streebo’s SMART® Bots

Streebo, a leading AI and Digital Transformation Company has created a very powerful, intelligent, and Pre-trained AI-Powered Chatbot for the Hotels and Hospitality Industry. These bots are guaranteed to be 99% accurate and are pre-integrated with a wide variety of enterprise backend systems such as Travel and Tourism Software and portals, backend systems such as CRM, ERP, among others. The AI-powered Conversational/Chatbot for Hotels leverages leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines such as IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, and Amazon Lex thus making them very intelligent. Further, the experience with Streebo SMART Bots go beyond just online experience, to a variety of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Skype and even voice-enabled platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

By staffing your hospitality & hotel business with these 24X7 available Intelligent Bots, hospitality & hotel businesses can increase their customer outreach and improve the lead to customer conversion. That is why these AI-powered Smart Hospitality Bots for Marketeers have a powerful return on investment as they can both improve business by upselling services and reduce costs for organizations deploying them. It is projected that hospitality & hotel businesses will save over 8 billion dollars by leveraging chatbots through 2025.
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Our AI Chatbot for Hospitality Supports Below Mentioned Features

Digital Solution Retail 99% Accuracy
Digital Solution Retail Omni-channel
Digital Solution Retail Secured
Digital Solution Retail Multi-lingual
Digital Solution Retail Advance Analytics
Digital Solution Retail Inbuilt Live Support
Digital Solution Retail Improve SEO
Digital Solution Retail Cross-sell & Upsell
Digital Solution Retail Support for both Voice and Chat Channels

Business Benefits

According to travelers’ attitudes and behavior:
  • – 47% of consumers would book Hotels from Chatbots
  • – 57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity.

Hence by rolling out AI-Powered Hotel Reservation Bots for Prospects and Customers and adopting Conversational Bookings across channels will result in the following benefits in Hospitality Business:
Digital Solution Retail Increased Enquiries & Revenue
Chatbots for the Hotel & Hospitality Industry can leverage existing digital properties such as web and mobile apps in addition to multiple digital channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Signal, and SMS, among others to bring inquiries for their business. In addition to generating leads, bots are proven to improve the conversion rate by an average of 12%.
Digital Solution Retail Create a Virtual Concierge
Chatbots can operate as a 24×7 virtual concierge and can recommend local entertainment or restaurant venues with the best last-minute rates or quickly gather and share data to deliver personalized messages and offers based on the guest’s preferences.
Digital Solution Retail Personalized marketing to Upsell
Streebo’s Chatbot with 99% Bot Intelligence Index (BII), can help upsell services with suggestions on bookings by gathering a history of booking for a particular customer, based on information and analysis of chat.
Digital Solution Retail Effortless Booking Process
Chatbot reduces the need for intervention of Hotel staff which will fasten the booking process and check-ins. Chatbots or Virtual Assistants also improve the guest experience.
Digital Solution Retail Saves Cost
Having a Chatbot for Hotel booking services, check-in approvals, customer support helps your business to save on resource costs & training costs for these operations.
Digital Solution Retail No Language Barrier
Chatbot removes language barrier with local language support, as bot provides support to 38+ languages on chat as well as voice interface which gives a more personal experience.
Digital Solution Retail Improves SEO
The bot can engage your users on your website thus increasing your session time and reducing your bounce rate. This improves SEO page ranking and improves lead generation by an average of 17% thus even making your online ad spending more effective.
Digital Solution Retail Rewards on Booking
Huge savings on your operations costs allows you to give rewards on booking for customers, and simply build a loyal and returning customer base.

Drive Business Growth using Pre-Trained Smart Chatbots

  • 99% Accurate
  • Pay-Per-Usage

Redefine Guest Experience with Chatbots


Broadcast tailored promotional messages or offers


Gain Valuable Customer Insights to improve offline and online activity


Provide on-demand services like concierge, room service over chat


Answer Customer Grievances instantly with 24*7 availability


Increase Lead Generation through more channels for bookings


Make Booking Process Easier & Faster via Conversations

AI Powered Conversational Interface Extended on Web and Social Media Channels

chatbot for hospitality
Web Application Bot
chatbot for hospitality
Digital Solution Retail WhatsApp Bot
chatbot for hospitality
Digital Solution Retail Facebook Bot
chatbot for hospitality
Digital Solution Retail SMS Bot

Why Streebo’s Hotel Booking Bots for Marketing?

Streebo in collaboration with leading technology organizations like IBM, Red Hat, Google, Amazon, and HCL Technologies has created a powerful and secured solution.

Key differentiators of Streebo’s Pre-Trained and pre-integrated AI-Powered Hotel Booking Bots for Marketing:
Digital Solution Retail Built-in Domain Intelligence
Streebo’s Team with its domain intelligence and experience gained over the years in building Conversational AI Chatbots for Hotel and Hospitality Customers, deploys highly intelligent pre-trained Hotel Bot that can emulate business processes.
Omni-Channel Advantage Omni-Channel Presence
Streebo’s Hotel Booking Bots can be deployed across social media channels such as FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Signal, WeChat, Skype, and even SMS. They can also be deployed on voice channels such as IVR, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Bots can even be placed on existing digital properties such as the website and mobile App.
Multi-lingual Support Multi-lingual Assistance
Conversational AI for Hospitality provides support to 38+ languages on chat as well as voice interface which gains more preference.
Pre-Integrated with Backends Pre-Integrated with Backends
Streebo’s Chatbots for the Hotel & Hospitality Industry comes in pre-integrated with Travel and Tourism Software and portals, backend systems such as CRM, ERP, etc.
Digital Solution Retail Flexible Deployment Options
Streebo’s Pre-Trained Chatbots for Hospitality & Hotel Operators can be deployed on-premise or on IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.
99% Accurate Response 99% Intelligent Bot
Streebo Chatbot comes with Guaranteed Bot Intelligence Index* of 99% (*BII= No. of questions answered correctly/No. of relevant questions asked).
Digital Solution Retail Advance Chat Analytics
Streebo’s analytics dashboard is developed to record and display systemic data, metrics, preferences, and trends which eventually help in monitoring user interactions, and can be adapted accordingly to give relevant responses and take business decisions.
Lower Maintenance Lower Maintenance
Streebo’s Pre-Trained Chatbot for Hotel Industry is built using open standards such as Java and Javascript. Streebo’s bot builder is optional development-only tooling that customers can choose or they can directly develop and manage it using standard IDEs such as Eclipse and Visual Studio that significantly lower app development costs as well as reduce support & maintenance costs.

Our Pre-trained Hotel Booking Chatbot for Marketing Business Functions are Trained in the Following Operations

General FAQs General FAQs
Clinic / Hospital Locator Hotel Locator
Call Ambulance Fetch Services in Details
Call Doctor for Emergency Visit Cost Estimates & Comparison
Schedule Doctor’s Appointment Create an account
Schedule Lab Appointment Manage Your Booking
Patient History Customer Support and Query Resolution
Request for Reports Search the Hotel Location via the Booking ID or City
Patient Support and Query Resolution Payment Transactions
Online Consulting Feedbacks and Reviews
Medication Reminders Offers and Promotions
Generate Prescription Reward Points
Payment Transactions Smart Assist – Product Recommendations based on booking history

Pricing Options

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) bot includes:

Digital Solution Retail 3 transactional use cases
Digital Solution Retail 1 backend integrations
Digital Solution Retail 50 FAQ’s
Digital Solution Retail Channels – Web, Mobile App, 1 Social media channel such as WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger

Capex Option

Digital Solution Retail You can choose to buy the MVP Bot. This option covers unlimited messages.

Opex Option

Digital Solution Retail You can choose to Subscribe to the MVP Bot for a fixed monthly charge with no upfront setup fee.

Pay Per Usage

Digital Solution Retail This is a conversation-based subscription and tied to the number of conversations & messages the bot handles.