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WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging channel. According to a report, it is estimated that WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users, and an average user sends more than 1200 messages each month. Building a WhatsApp bot, is the best way for businesses to become visible, reach customers and set up communication.

Technology partner Streebo, builds and deploys Chatbot on WhatsApp, and handholds enterprises through their Chatbot implementation journey. Streebo’s Chatbot experts help clients to launch a bot (FAQ based, transactional or conversational) on WhatsApp and directly get in touch with their customers. Create chatbot for WhatsApp to perform a wide array of tasks like answering customer queries based on FAQs, sending reminders, alerts and notifications, helping customers surf through latest product catalog and more.

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WhatsApp Chatbot Development


Pitch new products or share product catalogs


Answer FAQ based questions


Send notifications and updates


Find and shortlist products


Make a purchase


Book an appointment

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot Integration

Whatsapp-Chatbot-Integration Become a part of customers everyday life by setting up communication over the customer’s most used platform
Whatsapp-Chatbot-Integration Quickly handle customer queries and complaints over a platform they prefer.
Whatsapp-Chatbot-Integration Drive higher brand recall and recognition by deploying Chatbot on WhatsApp.
Whatsapp-Chatbot-Integration Enjoy customer’s complete attention as reaching out on WhatsApp is fast, direct and personal
Whatsapp-Chatbot-Integration Gain immediate contact and quick response as messages pop-up instantly on customers phone screen
Whatsapp-Chatbot-Integration Use the most popular platform to nurture leads and invest efforts in building a loyal customer base

Streebo Key Differentiators


No Coding Needed
‘Drag and Drop’ Interface for easier creation and management of chat interfaces

Cross-Platform Availability
Embed Streebo chatbot on your website, app or on 3rd party chat messengers like Facebook Messenger.

Comprehensive Security
Powered by IBM Technology, Streebo Chatbots are highly secure

Flexible NLP Selection
Select an NLP of your choice – be it IBM Watson, or any other and we will integrate the bot accordingly
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