Digital Transformation for the Healthcare Business

Modern consumers want to be able to fix an appointment, access their prescriptions, see old medical records, get test records and so on easily. They want their interactions with the hospital to be engaging and interactive. The expectations of patients, from a healthcare facility, are no different than the other consumer sectors. Hence, in addition to having a holistic approach to patient care, healthcare industry also needs to adopt a holistic approach to patient services, care and management. Management of disparate systems of records, effective patient interactions, 24×7 availability to answer patient queries and to provide information are the prime concerns the industry needs to address.
Chatbot for Healthcare
Chatbot for Healthcare

Digitalization Powered by AI

When patients call a healthcare facility, most of the questions they ask are very common, or they want to fix an appointment. Hospital staff spends a lot of time answering these questions, or worse these questions go unanswered and patients unattended. Deployment of a pretrained Chatbot to answer commonly asked questions and FAQs can cut a lot of slack. Transactional Chatbot can be integrated with multiple backends to retrieve relevant information for patients and healthcare providers alike. Further – powered by IBM NLP engine, the chatbot can be trained to understand intent of the user and provide satisfactory replies and keep the consumer engaged. Only in event when intent is not understood the bot seeks human intervention and customer interaction happens seamlessly.

Responsive Healthcare with Conversational Chatbot

Chatbot for Healthcare

Provide prompt response to frequently asked questions

Chatbot for Healthcare

Schedule appointment and consultation

Chatbot for Healthcare

Manage patient records and medical history

Chatbot for Healthcare

Provide patient records to doctors on demand

Chatbot for Healthcare

Notify the patient for upcoming appointments or tests

Chatbot for Healthcare

Attend to requests for admission, transfer, and discharge

Chatbot for Healthcare

Easily process payments and maintain records

Chatbot for Healthcare

Notify patient care teams about any emergency

Transform the Way you Communicate with Patients

Chatbot for Healthcare
Personalized Interaction
The healthcare bot personalizes communication for each patient. It sets the tone of communication with the patients and is available on-demand, 24×7 – to extend support in filling forms, retrieving information, setting up appointments, making payments and more.
Chatbot for Healthcare
Centralized Documentation
Personalized interaction can only be useful when the information retrieved, and the help extended is accurate. Our healthcare chatbot maintains centralized documentation. This means that although interaction is personalized, there is no discrepancy in furnishing information to different people.

Streebo’s Healthcare Chatbot Solution – powered by IBM technology

Experience seamless conversations with Streebo’s healthcare chatbot solution, powered by IBM technology. Streebo’s Natural Language Processing based chatbot platform, with deep machine learning capabilities, connects healthcare providers and patients naturally. The bot competently handles commonly raised requests and provides immediate solutions. It can also be programmed to transfer the non-standard questions to a representative. Easily integrate Chatbot with EHR, and other backends like HCM, CRM, and ERP and cut the slack for your workforce.
  • Build conversation with ease
  • Easily train the bot to understand intent
  • Integrate with backend database to make information access easy
  • Setup security, governance and access control for HIPAA compliance
  • Make modification and sync the bot with other digital properties without complete reliance on IT
Chatbot for Healthcare

Why Streebo Chatbot Builder Is the Best Choice

Chatbot for Healthcare Drag and Drop Interface
Easily create and manage chat interfaces with low code/no code tooling
Chatbot for Healthcare Single Code Base
Instantly update the bot across all the devices for an app, website and third-party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or Slack
Chatbot for Healthcare Cross-Platform Compatibility
Deploy the chatbot across all the operating systems and devices without any hassle
Chatbot for Healthcare Security
Never compromise on the security aspect with the IBM powered Streebo enterprise chatbots
Chatbot for Healthcare Flexible NLP Selection
Choose from the most advanced NLP options like IBM Watson, bot libre and more
Chatbot for Healthcare Lower Development & Maintenance Cost
with a single code base for all digital assets and automation tool

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