Businesses are Transforming Customer Interaction with Chatbots

Businesses today have started building chatbots for their web and mobile properties. Chatbots on Facebook can help drive marketing, sales and support interactions, thus enhancing your customer engagement and opening a private channel for conversation with the customer. According to a Forrester Research, 80% of a user’s time is spent on just 5 apps with Facebook being one of them. All users may not be using your website or app, so integrating a chatbot on Facebook helps increase reach of your product or service. With chatbots on Facebook Messenger, users can now contact a business anytime, anywhere.

Build Conversations without any Coding

Leveraging industry’s leading NLP technologies such as IBM Watson and powered by a revolutionary DX Accelerator tooling, Streebo Chatbot builder lets IT teams build interactive chatbots for Facebook Messenger fast. With a drag and drop tool, building conversation flows for your messenger bot is now very easy.

What’s more? With its unique point and click integration interface, Streebo Chatbot builder helps to fetch data from variety of backend systems such as; Relational databases, ERPs or CRMs without writing even a single line of code.

Choose Streebo Chatbot Builder for building your Facebook Bot

chatbot_with_fbLow code bot builder that cuts bot development costs by 40%
chatbot_with_fbEasily modify conversation flow with visual bot building tool
chatbot_with_fbIntegrate chatbot with any database, ERPs or system of records
How Streebo transformed customer
interactions for Medium sized co-operative credit society with a
Facebook Bot
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