Chatbots could be the X-Factor to Transform Hospitality Industry

In the increasingly mobile world today, more and more millennials are forever online and expect an instant yet personalized interaction every time. The new-age traveler prefers instant messaging for solving grievances, just like they would interact with their friend. The hospitality industry must adapt to these changing times and reach customers in a manner that they prefer.

Travel Aggregators, Hotels and Travel Agents have realized this need to provide personalized experiences to their customers so that they keep coming back for more. Leading hospitality chains are now offering a messaging option to their guests, on widely used channels like Facebook and WhatsApp. These virtual assistants or ‘Chatbots’ have transformed customer service, generating more revenue opportunities, driving productivity by keeping employees off mundane tasks and increasing customer engagement.
chatbot for hospitality

Redefine Guest Experience with Chatbots


Broadcast tailored promotional messages or offers


Gain Valuable Customer Insights to improve offline and online activity


Provide on-demand services like concierge, room service over chat


Answer Customer Grievances instantly with 24*7 availability


Increase Lead Generation through more channels for bookings


Make Booking Process Easier & Faster via Conversations

Rely on a Strong Platform to power your hospitality chatbot

chatbot for hospitality
It is essential to select a very reliable and secure platform for building your hospitality chatbot. This bot should be able to self-learn basis previous conversations so that customer experience keeps improving over time. Moreover, this bot should be able to pull up customer details from the ERP system while also permitting payment facility by integrating with payment gateways.

Streebo’s Chatbot Builder is a leading chatbot development tool that helps build intelligent chatbots for your hospitality business. Powered by IBM Watson, this drag and drop automation tool helps in crafting smart conversation flows and modifying these conversation flows from time to time. Wiring up these chatbots to any ERP backend or payment gateways is very easy using a point and click integration interface. Chatbots build using Streebo Chatbot Builder can show real-time analytics that helps in accurate guest profiling and helps stay connected with the guests from the pre-arrival stage to post-departure.

Key Differentiators of Streebo Chatbot Builder

chatbot-for-hospitality No Coding
chatbot-for-hospitality Cross-Platform
chatbot-for-hospitality Comprehensive
chatbot-for-hospitality Flexible NLP
chatbot-for-hospitality Real-time
chatbot-for-hospitality Flexible
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