Accelerate Customer Journey from Awareness
to Purchase 2X Faster – Embed Chatbot In Website

Integrating a conversational chatbot in your website is a trend that is picking up pace. It is very important to offer assistance to a visitor on your website. An AI-powered Chatbot embedded in the website, catalyzes customer interaction and engagement at any time, irrespective of the time or the geographical location of the customer. These chatbots understand intent and can be easily trained to become better with time, to further create a conversational and personalized experience for the visitor.

Stay Quick, Spontaneous and One Step
Ahead with Chatbots on Websites

Chatbot embedded into a website, works like an assistant to the visitor. Asks relevant questions, helps visitor surf through products, provides information requested by the visitor with simple conversations. The bot on your website also intelligently upsells and cross sells products, by providing recommendations based on the visitor’s questions and search history. As the customer gets the most engaging experience and can easily find products of choice, links to price comparisons, the sales processes accelerate, and conversions are higher – hence increase in ROI.

Benefits of Conversational Chatbot for Website

Chatbot-for-website 24/7 assistance for visitors
Chatbot-for-website Personalized interactive experience
Chatbot-for-website Hands-on assistance for website visitors
Chatbot-for-website Simple conversations and quick execution of visitor requests
Chatbot-for-website Quick recommendations and price comparisons
Chatbot-for-website Easy order placement and secure payment

Transform the Way You Interact with Your Website Visitors

Streebo Chatbot Builder is a no code low code tool that allows to quickly build chatbots using various interfaces on existing apps. With easy drag and drop feature, chatbots for every industry and company can be built in lesser time. Built in conjunction with IBM Product labs and leveraging the industry-leading IBM Watson & Cloud and DX Manager technologies, Streebo DX Accelerator cuts the development cost for building Chatbot interfaces in half!