Case Study-July23

Learn how a leading Postal and Logistics Services Company in the Middle East transformed and streamlined its Business Services with Streebo’s AI-Powered Conversational Interface


Postal & Logistics Services


Streebo’s AI-powered Postal & Logistics Conversational Interface/ Bot Solution


1 . Streebo’s Industry-Specific, Omnichannel, Smart Solution,
2. IBM Watson Assistant


Streebo, a leading provider of robust, high-quality, and scalable AI-powered Conversational Interfaces assisted a renowned Middle Eastern postal and logistics services company in automating and streamlining their business processes.
  • The client, who is famous for adopting a Lean approach across its operations through the implementation of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), was able to take its customer engagement to the next level.
  • This cutting-edge solution allowed the client to handle customer queries 24/7, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • Streebo’s customer-centric conversational AI Virtual Agent helped our client put customer-centricity first and foremost. As a result, the company was able to leverage emerging technologies to generate new efficiencies in its products and services portfolio in accordance with its national logistics strategy.
  • The IBM Watson-powered Streebo’s Virtual Agent understands human language and can converse with humans on a variety of topics, providing the company with a way to connect with its customers on a more personal level.
Case Study-July23
In addition, the IBM Watson Assistant-powered Virtual Agent was also able to help the company automate its operations, freeing up employees to focus on more important tasks resulting in improved customer service while reducing operational costs.
Case Study-July23

Know Our Client

Founded in the early 1970s, our client is a leading provider of postal and logistics services in the Middle East. They have a vast network of 677,700 post offices across 200+ countries worldwide through their UPU (Universal Postal Union) membership and partnerships with international partners.

With over 500 skilled employees in 93 branches, they drive global commerce and offer courier, money transfer, e-commerce, and other value-added services.

Our Client’s Business Challenge

The customer care industry has undergone a digital transformation, with various emerging technologies expected to cut billions of dollars in costs for companies globally. AI-powered smart bot solutions, such as those offered by Streebo, play a crucial part in this transformation. They can enhance the customer experience, reduce customer service costs, and increase profits.
Case Study-July23
Our client was seeking a cutting-edge smart bot solution that would seamlessly fit into their digital transformation strategy. The bot would be used to handle simple customer queries, freeing up human customer service agents to address more complex issues, ultimately improving efficiency and reducing costs. Essentially, with Streebo’s smart IBM Watson Assistant-powered cognitive solution integrated into all their systems and digital properties, including social media platforms, our client aimed to improve the quality of their customer service while driving cost reduction and profit growth.

Streebo & IBM Watson powered Smart, Omnichannel Bot Solution proposed and leveraged

Streebo, by leveraging Conversational AI technology from IBM Watson, the most trusted natural language processing platform, has rolled out a smart bot solution to transform clients’ operations and generate new efficiencies and services.
Case Study-July23 These cognitive assistants are truly omnichannel, providing support to users in multiple languages (English, Arabic, etc.) and answering all FAQs and queries 24/7.
Case Study-July23 As requested, keeping client centricity first and foremost, Streebo has rolled out a conversational AI interface that will be trained until it reaches an accuracy of 99%.
Case Study-July23
Case Study-July23
24*7 Service
Case Study-July23
Case Study-July23
Web App
Case Study-July23
Mobile App
Case Study-July23
Case Study-July23
Case Study-July23
FB Messenger
Case Study-July23
Case Study-July23
Google Home
Case Study-July23
The secure, seamless transactional solution (with the ability to handle ad-hoc requests), Streebo built, provides round-the-clock services to handle all sorts of customer requests. Also, powered by automation and artificial intelligence, Streebo’s smart cognitive assistants are pre-integrated with a range of enterprise backend systems such as SAP, ServiceNow, etc., and include an advanced analytics dashboard to monitor the adoption rate by end users.

Transactions can be traced across the systems for clarity and assurance. The solution also offers Live Agent Transfer for situations when queries and issues become more complex and require human assistance.

Proposed Architecture Diagram

Case Study-July23

Use Cases and Services Covered in Streebo’s IBM Watson Assistant-powered Logistics and Postal Solution

Case Study-July23 Ability to schedule an appointment
Case Study-July23 Ability to answer FAQs rapidly
Case Study-July23 Competence in shipment tracking
Case Study-July23 Ability to edit and update addresses
Case Study-July23 Ability to request prices for a particular product/service
Case Study-July23 Aptness in the estimation of duty charges at destination
Case Study-July23 Ability to schedule/reschedule delivery of parcel
Case Study-July23 Ability to offer insurance quotations depending on the fragility of goods
Case Study-July23 Capability to schedule pick-ups by asking about the destination, weight of the shipment, etc.

Features & Functionalities of Streebo’s IBM Watson Assistant powered Smart, Omnichannel, Logistics & Postal Bot Solution

Case Study-July23 Omnichannel Support
The chatbot seamlessly operates across multiple channels such as website, mobile app, social media platform, and messaging app, ensuring a consistent and integrated customer experience.
Case Study-July23 Multilingual Capabilities
The chatbot supports multiple languages- English, Arabic(Omani dialect) allowing customers to interact and receive assistance in their preferred language.
Case Study-July23 Live Agent Support
The chatbot has the ability to seamlessly transfer customers to a live agent when the query or issue requires human assistance, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous support.
Case Study-July23 24/7 Availability
The chatbot is available round-the-clock, providing customers with instant support and information at any time of the day or night.
Case Study-July23 Cross-Platform and Backend Integrations
The AI-powered conversational interfaces offer seamless and secure integration with any backend system, such as CRM, ERP, or third-party platforms.

Business Benefits Realized by Our Clients

There was a plethora of features that really impressed our client. Listing few of the many here:
Case Study-July23 Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
The implementation of Streebo’s solution led to a significant decrease in calls, chats, and email inquiries, resulting in a notable improvement in the customer satisfaction index.
Case Study-July23 Reduced Operational Cost and Increased ROI
The deployment of Streebo’s Bot has helped the client decrease operational costs. The bot effectively handles transactional use cases with accuracy and minimal human intervention, leading to an increase in ROI.

Our pricing options

Case Study-July23
Capex Option
You can choose to buy the whole solution upfront.
Case Study-July23
Opex Option
You can opt for a monthly subscription-based service
Case Study-July23
This is a conversation-based subscription as you have to pay as per your usage.

What’s Next?

Streebo, an AI Bot Solution Provider and a Digital Transformation Company, is an IBM Gold Partner with expertise in IBM Watson Assistant. It offers a library of pre-built, pre-trained, and pre-packaged enterprise-grade Virtual Agents for various industries. If you aim to optimize your business operations across multiple channels, Streebo’s industry-specific, smart IBM-powered solutions are your best bet!

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