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Omnichannel Teller (Banking) solution for Credit Unions

Solution Components
HCL Web Content Manager, HCL Portal

About Customer
Our client is a leading Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) serving 30 million+ members (End users) through 800+ Credit Unions. Owned and governed by creditunions, our client follows an agile approach in delivering a scalable, yet a tailormade banking experience to various Credit Union members since 1977.
Streebo created a ‘unified teller portal’ for Credit Unions’ staff to help them access details of their customers and their transactions, instantly. This, otherwise were getting captured in various portals with multiple logins. The unified portal would help Credit Unions improve the customer service, at large!

Business Challenge

In the past, Credit Unions’ staff were gathering financial transactions details of their members through disparate sources and while try offering members the right solutions, they’ll have to dig through multiple systems with different logins to access. While these would affect the employee productivity, multiple systems and platforms (portals) would result in huge maintenance overload. All, resulting in incremental cost of operations and decreased employee efficiency.

The Solution

Combining the power of HCL Portal and its unique automation tooling, Streebo quickly assembled a comprehensive ‘teller portal’. With the ‘Single Sign On (SSO), this portal would provide a unified access to all the customers details and transaction information instantly on a single interface.

Consolidating multiple applications and interfaces to one unified portal and then integrating it with multiple backends, Streebo could achieve all that in significantly lower time and hence help the client and Credit Unions go live, very quickly. HCL Web Content Manager was integrated to help business users manage the content on the portal in the future. Streebo’s modular approach (In building the portal) and its library of pre-built banking assets would also help the client, lower the project TCO.


    • ▪ Role based access to provide a tailormade experience to various Credit Unions
    • ▪ Ease of managing content with HCL Web Content Manager
    • ▪ Cross-platform and multi-device support (For the ease of access)
    • ▪ Point and Click integration with complex backends (Third party backends too)
    • ▪ All home grown and multi-vendor solution have been consolidated to a single platform, thus reducing technical redundancy & increasing security


    • ▪ Faster Time to Market with Streebo’s library of banking and payment widgets (Reduced development efforts)
    • ▪ Improved Employee Productivity with a unified access to all the customers’ details and their transactions, resulting in faster customer response too!
    • ▪ Reduced technical redundancy and increasing security with all home grown and multi-vendor been consolidated under single platform
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