Automate and Streamline your Field Service Processes

According to a survey by Gartner – by 2020, more than 75% of field service organizations will deploy mobile apps to help technicians succeed.

Field service entails activities like inspection, survey, reporting, planning maintenance based on analytics etc. Powered by Streebo’s Mobile Forms, these activities become streamlined, and less prone to errors.

Transform the Way Your Field Service Team Collaborates with Intelligent Mobile Forms

Field teams are surrounded by challenges. When on the field, team members face many problems. An intelligent Field service management solution ensure simple, easy & uncomplicated life of a field service professional. To solve the most critical problems, innovative this customized solutions for different workflows with added reliability & flexibility are introduced in the traditional work- style for the field service industry. Field service management apps help in working with a better schedule form on time and keeping effective track of every event.

Streebo’s Field Service Management Software
– Key Takeaways

FieldService-Recovered Plan, schedule, deploy field teamwork
FieldService-Recovered Effectively manage customer base and work towards improvement
FieldService-Recovered Streamline work process with work order management
FieldService-Recovered Get insights with the reports & analytics
FieldService-Recovered Receive & view updates on the mobile phone throughout the work
FieldService-Recovered Easily communicate through messages
FieldService-Recovered Track & monitor the level of inventory & get required information
FieldService-Recovered Real-time route planning with GPS for quick task

How Can You Benefit with
Field Service Management Solution?


Save Time
Choose optimized routes, fastest work plan & implement quick decisions

Increase Productivity
Focus on the main tasks with technology-focused field service app.

Improve the Accuracy
Zero tolerance to errors with single platform usage for various work & data entries.

Prioritize Customer Service
Put more attention on users with an efficient field service management solution

Increase your profit margins
Increased productivity and higher efficiency lead to higher returns on investment.

Set Up a Digital Transformative Field Service Management

Streebo DXA is a no code low code tool that allows companies to create a strategy-based web & mobile app. The apps are constructed using easy point-and-click software in no time by eliminating the dependency on the IT team to bring innovation. It mobilizes your enterprise by opening different interfaces on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and kiosks. The simple drag and drop interface let the team create forms and apps in lesser time. It comes with intelligent AI features such as chatbot and more.

Deliver A Personal Experience with Chatbot Integration

Streebo’s no code low code tooling rapidly assembles sleek and intuitive chatbot interfaces to your existing apps. The easy drag & drop feature lets you build chatbots in no time. Built in conjunction with IBM Product labs and leveraging the industry-leading IBM Watson & Cloud and DX Manager technologies, Streebo DX Accelerator cuts the development cost for building Chatbot interfaces in half!
Want to build a field service application to streamline field inspection & reporting