Efficiently deal with the issues and requests raised by the customers and other users

Helpdesk Ticketing System
Website visitors want customer support 24/7, but can you provide them live support around the clock? With the ticketing system, your customer’s requests can always be heard. Ticket management streamlines all the customer service communications – emails, social media, troubleshooting forms, text, and even voice messages and puts all the parts of communication in one convenient place.

The ticket management tool keeps the conversation together and turns emails that customers send into trackable tickets. It also tracks emails between customer and employees, which can get very confusing as the email thread grows.

Reasons to Use Ticketing System Software

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Prioritize your tasks, so the employees resolve the urgent issues first and then move on to solve a non-urgent problems.
Helpdesk Ticketing System

Eradicate the task of going back and forth between inboxes and trying to decide what to do next. Support your team with integrating email with ticketing software, which will organize incoming mail appropriately.
Helpdesk Ticketing System

Keep all the request in one place and streamline the tasks of support staff, which will result in less stress and faster problem resolution.
Helpdesk Ticketing System
Tracking and Reporting

Track the work completed by each employee and provide the workers with support who are lagging. The reporting metrics helps you keep track of the efficient workers. This won’t be possible with the email system.
Helpdesk Ticketing System

The ticketing system will be transparent to employees so they can view details about the businesses, and departments which can help in allocating the resources.
Helpdesk Ticketing System

The ticketing system will offer a database where the employee can search for previous tickets. There is no need for them to dig through the long list of emails as the new worker will pick up the work where the old worker left off. This will maintain continuity when it comes to reassigning the tickets to the employees.

What will ticketing system do for your organization?

Helpdesk Ticketing System Managing customer communication across multiple channels
Helpdesk Ticketing System Meaningful categorization of tickets
Helpdesk Ticketing System Identifying repetitive issues
Helpdesk Ticketing System Matching of related tickets to save time and effort

Why Streebo?

Helpdesk Ticketing System Compliance
Applications built using DXA are compliant with the industry-standard frameworks like Ionic, Angular JS, etc.
Helpdesk Ticketing System Power to Business
With ‘Drag and Drop’ interface for IT/LoB to modify and manage apps at ease.
Helpdesk Ticketing System Single Code Base
Applications built using Streebo’s revolutionary tool, DXA follows a one code base approach thus giving users a true omnichannel experience.
Helpdesk Ticketing System Low code no code tooling
Applications built using DXA a low code/no-code tool, can be built in half the development time and can be easily updated or modified even by LOBs.
Helpdesk Ticketing System Comprehensive Security
Applications built using Streebo’s chatbot builder (DXA) are built on top of IBM platform and are highly robust and scalable with highly secure 3rd party integrations.
Helpdesk Ticketing System Flexible Deployment Options
Applications built using DXA have flexible deployment options of on-premise or on the cloud.
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