A comprehensive & secure system that automates hotel operations management

Hotel operation is simplified more than ever from guest arrival to departure, billing to report and housekeeping to room service. The front office desk is always up to date with all bookings whether they are coming from OTAs or GDS channels, or even your hotel website. Robust updates with real-time inventory updates automate booking and help hoteliers generate better yields. Hotel management software smartly handles all your marketing and operational activities including front desk, POS operations and online bookings, through OTAs or through GDS channel worldwide.


Hotel Management software Drive all processes from one place
A hotel management software system which is robust, 100% customizable and can also be integrated with cloud-based technology to provide you with everything you want on the go.
Hotel Management software Take informed decisions
Implement fact-based insightful decisions by evaluating hotel performance, future strategies, and financial reports
Hotel Management software Leverage smart front-desk
Improve multi-tasking with the dashboard at the front desk and use the power of technology to manage multiple bookings and checkouts without any error.
Hotel Management software Get more direct bookings
Don’t pay commission to the agents/agencies, grow your hotel’s revenue by getting more online bookings
Hotel Management software Streamline staff
Assign tasks to your staff effortlessly while supervising the status and manage the division of work
Hotel Management software Collaborate efficiently
Automate and manage the inventory to keep the OTAs updated continuously and avoid overbookings.
Hotel Management software Provide Live support
With expertise in complex projects implementation with modern infrastructure
Hotel Management software Manage online engagement
Utilize the power of social media sites and interact with customers through chatbots and website live-chat.
Hotel Management software Go mobile
With just a flick of a finger control the bookings, checkouts, inventory, and other reports.

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In the age of the internet, 80% of the travelers make their decision online after comparing different offers. Now hoteliers are faced with the challenge to understand, anticipate and influence consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue.

Redefine your guest experience while boosting room occupancy and ROI via Streebo’s AI-powered chatbot in applications and websites. Redefine your guest experience via machine learning and natural language processing which will make your brand go beyond the limits.

Key benefits for hoteliers

Hotel Management software Increase in revenue
Hotel Management software More guest reviews
Hotel Management software Time-saving for staff
Hotel Management software Drive online bookings

Why Streebo?

Hotel Management software Single Code Base
Applications built using Streebo’s revolutionary tool, DXA follow a one code base approach thus reducing the maintenance cost significantly
Hotel Management software Compliance
Applications built using DXA are compliant with the industry-standard frameworks like Ionic, Angular JS etc.
Hotel Management software Low code no code tooling
Applications built using DXA a low/no code tool, can be built in half the development time and can be easily updated or modified even by LOBs.
Hotel Management software Drag and Drop Interface
Applications can be built and modified easily using Streebo’s drag and drop, point and click interface.
Hotel Management software Comprehensive Security
Applications built using DXA are built on top of IBM platform and are highly robust and scalable with highly secure 3rd party integrations
Hotel Management software Flexible Deployment Options
Applications built using DXA have flexible deployment options of on-premise or on cloud.
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