How to build a Digital Assistant that
represents your Brand!

1 Create a Persona
2 Pick a Tool like Streebo’s low
code no code chatbot builder
3 Zero in on a use case
4 Analyze user requirements
5 Understand the user experience
6 Create an extensive FAQ section
and integrate it with the bot
7 Pick your preferred keywords,
phrases and train the chatbot to
understand the context

The Chatbot Strategy!

Start by building a basic FAQ based bot, start using it and then inch forward to build a cognitive virtual assistant step by step.
How to build a ChatbotFAQ based Chatbot
Answers a set of commonly asked questions. An agent might get bored of repetitive questions but a chatbot will always give accurate answers without getting bored.
How to build a ChatbotCommand Based Chatbot
Command based bots are integrated with a backend like ERP, CMS or relational databases. They understand the context and retrieve information from the database based on a query.
How to build a ChatbotAI-based machine learning Chatbot
AI infused Bots are highly intelligent and can learn from every chat or transition they make. They can answer even ambiguous queries in a human-like manner.

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Build Chatbot Using Streebo’s
Chatbot Builder 2X faster in
half the development time.
Streebo Research labs have built a robust tool Chatbot Builder to rapidly assemble enterprise-grade transactional chatbots. The platform can be leveraged to govern and secure all Bot conversations across various channels from a single console.

Key Takeaways

  • Create and manage chat interfaces using a drag and drop functionality.
  • Easily integrate any backend like CRM, ERP or 3rd party services with a simple point and click.
  • Roll out updates across all channels with a single click.
  • Integrate all smartphone features like rich media transfer, location tracking, fingerprint authentication, to name a few.
  • Map conversational intent easily by selecting an NLP of your choice.
  • Authenticate your Bots against a variety of LDAP systems like IBM Tivoli, Microsoft Active Directory et al. including support for Federated LDAPs.
  • Provide Central management of user for authentications with 128-bit encryption that supports a variety of identity management systems.
  • Manage roles and user groups to give role-based access to backend processes and systems.
  • Allow single-sign-on to a variety of backends with the usage of a Secured Credential vault to manage a variety of credentials.
  • Maintain Logs and Analytics to review all conversations and raise alerts for attempts of unauthorized access.

About Streebo’s Chatbot Builder!

Streebo’s Chatbot builder is a low-code no-code browser-based tooling that allows both lines of business and IT with minimal or no AI skills to rapidly assemble chatbot solutions wired with backend system of records such as Content Management systems, ERPs, Relational Databases and such with a point and click interface. Streebo’s Chatbot solution is powered by industry leading IBM Digital Experience platform and supports a variety of NLP engines including IBM Watson Assistant. Solutions assembled with the Chatbot builder can be deployed both on-premise or on cloud (IBM Softlayer, Amazon EC or Microsoft Azure)

Do not have the
resources to build
a chatbot yourself?

Trust Streebo to build virtual agents that will help you automate and streamline the most complex business processes. Choose an NLP of your choice, and Streebo can build highly cognitive digital agents for your business, 2X faster and at half the development cost.

Check out this video to learn more about Streebo’s Chatbot Builder