The typical millennial
exchanges an average of 67
text messages per day.

– Business Insider

Americans now spend
around 5X longer in
messaging apps each day
than on voice calls.

– Nielsen

WhatsApp and Facebook
Messenger alone carry 22
trillion messages per year.

– Facebook

Chatbots use natural language recognition capabilities to understand user intent and respond to user queries. Now this NLP engine is the most important element (the brain) of a chatbot. NLP engines like Watson AI, have deep learning capabilities and learn from previous chat records and new experiences. Bots powered by Watson Assistant are AI infused and can interact with users in a very Human-like manner.
Why IBM Watson?
Watson is an AI-powered, open, multi-cloud
platform that lets you build powerful chatbots
and virtual assistants. In “The Forrester New
Wave™: Conversational Computing Platforms,
Q2 2018,”, Forrester has named IBM Watson Assistant as the leader in conversational computing. IBM Watson Assistant is a developer-friendlyoffering that can help business-users with complex environments. With Watson, one can build engaging and powerful conversational platforms that scale.

Streebo Chatbot Builder + Watson Assistant powered Virtual Agents: Key Takeaways

Personalized Chatbot
Build and deploy a virtual agent that
carries the essence of your Brand!
Data Privacy
A Highly secure digital assistant where
you have the ownership of your data
Deep Learning
Train your bot, and help it learn from
each chat experience
Voice Enabled
A human-like, voice bot conversation
with “on demand” assistants
Use multilingual assistants to answer
real-time questions in 40+ languages
IBM Cloud Private
Deploy and run a bot on your own
infrastructure, behind your firewall.
Simplified Tooling
Use the simplified low/no code tooling
to build Chatbots 2X faster at half the
development costl

Grow your business with
Streebo & IBM Powered

Watson APIs, we work with
Watson Discovery
Watson Discovery
Text to Speech / Speech To text
Watson Language Translator

Make Artificial Intelligence Your Competitive Advantage with IBM’s Watson AI

How to build a Chatbot Take Informed decisions
Make smarter and faster decisions, based on insights into customer experience analysis through IBM Watson customer experience analytics.
How to build a Chatbot Design customer experience
Watson allows you to enhance customer experience and gives you the clarity to design an effective end-to-end customer journey across all digital channels
How to build a ChatbotMaximize profitability
Get a micro to a macro view of chatbot performance and make amendments to boost conversion and maximize profitability.

IBM Watson Powered Streebo DXA Chatbot Builder

Streebo uses a low/no code chatbot builder to develop chatbots for enterprises across Industries like healthcare, banking, travel and hospitality, insurance, education to name a few. Powered by IBM Watson, the AI infused bots developed by Streebo are known for their robustness, scalability, and security. The core of the system powered by IBM Watson Assistant makes the bot conversational and intelligent. With Streebo chatbot builder’s drag and drop interface, point and click integrations and numerous other features, chatbots are built 2X faster and at half the development cost.