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IBM® Web Experience Factory Training

This course is focused mainly on design patterns, techniques and business application use cases. We help you in leveraging IBM® WEF platform effectively to develop rich, interactive web applications for delivery on desktops, smartphones and tablets. Learn to reduce your development cycle by optimizing your application development with custom widgets, portlets and pre-built tools. Integrate various back-end systems within the WEF like CRM and ERP.

Training Details


  • Automating Portlet patterns with custom builders
  • Deep dive into Mobile device platforms and tools
  • Advance profiling and construction of applications
  • Advanced Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with DOJO builders and AJAX techniques
  • Portlet integration within databases, legacy systems and more


  • Who is this course for?
    Developers looking to develop web applications using IBM® WEF
  • Duration
    3 days
  • Training Method
    Onsite and remotely

Training Benefits

•   Learn to create applications for traditional desktop clients, smartphones and tablets, all from single code base
•   Learn to optimize your application development and deployment cycle
•   Effectively use native HTML5 and CSS3 code for creating visually appealing applications
•   Use of built in device features (e.g. GPS, Camera and Bar code scanning)