Interactive Kiosk Application Development 

A kiosk is a self-service installation at bank branches, retail outlets, educational centers and many such places where it may be needed. Streebo builds highly secure, user-friendly and full featured native applications for Kiosk devices. All the Kiosk devices can be managed from a centralized Admin location where promotional displays to upsell/cross sell products can be customized and floated on individual devices. Guarantee your customer an easy to stay in touch experience while providing a dedicated user interface.

Kiosk App Development Features

Kiosk Application Development

Intuitive User Interface

Kiosk Application Development

Branding Management

Kiosk Application Development

Centrally Controlled Display Advertisement

Kiosk Application Development

Visitor Registration & Management

Kiosk Application Development

Automated Real-time Reporting

Customized Kiosk software solution

Streebo builds kiosk applications for all major operating systems and popular browsers across devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices and POS systems. We also migrate existing data from your interactive mobile app or websites to create interactive kiosks.



 Extend an automated self-serving Kiosk experience

Offer real time customer service

Enable faster transactions


Increase revenue through self-serving Kiosk 

 Reduce overall operational cost  

Upsell & Cross sell retail products easily  

Key Differentiators of Streebo 

Kiosk-Application-Development No Coding Needed
‘Drag and Drop’ Interface for easier creation and management of chat interfaces 
Kiosk-Application-Development Comprehensive Security
Powered by IBM Technology, Streebo Chatbots are highly secure 
Kiosk-Application-Development Cross-Platform Availability
Embed Streebo chatbot on your website, app or on 3rd party chat messengers like Facebook Messenger. 
Kiosk-Application-Development Flexible NLP Selection
Select an NLP of your choice – be it IBM Watson, or any other and we will integrate the bot accordingly.
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