Align with Customer Expectations through
Omni Channel Insurance Solutions

The insurance industry is highly focused on creating seamless customer journeys and is no longer defined by the boundaries of physical offices and forms to sign. The wave of digital transformation and increasing tech-savvy customers, has compelled insurers to have a strong online presence and offer a consistent, integrated experience across all platforms. Omnichannel insurance solutions and AI capabilities have become imperative to keep customers engaged, reduce churn rate, meet their rising demands and stay current with the changing technology landscape.
Omnichannel insurance solution

Omnichanneling for easy and intuitive user experience

Omnichannel insurance solution
Insurance shoppers today use multiple channels – social media, peer recommendations, comparison sites to research or purchase a policy. Reaching them through various platforms provides a significant competitive advantage in the market. A recent study by PwC revealed that over the next 3 years, 81% of insurers plan to implement customer experience initiatives right across the value chain. Moreover, omni channel insurance solutions enable insurers to merge data from various platforms and provide personalized offer and benefits to customers. It would enable Insurance agents to access all the required documents at their fingertips and offer prompt services. Insurers are also gradually integrating artificial intelligence capabilities into their systems. A study stated that insurers are expected to spend $90 million on artificial intelligence by 2020.

Streebo’s Omnichannel Insurance Solution

Streebo’s Insurance Suite enables insurers to bridge the gap with customers by providing self-service options at their fingertips while also increasing insurance agent productivity by helping them close opportunities faster. The web and mobile insurance apps are built with highly customizable widgets that allow the insurer’s IT and Line of Business teams to control the security, access and govern the solutions.
Omnichannel insurance solution

Insurance Application

Transforming agent, broker and customer interactions with insurance organizations – driven by omnichannel, cross-platform applications. Manage data on the go.
Omnichannel insurance solution

Insurance Chatbot

Tailoring seamless customer experiences, with AI-powered interactions, driven by secure, omni-channel insurance bots. A Conversational approach to agent and customer interactions.
Omnichannel insurance solution
Streebo DX Accelerator, with its low or no code tooling, allows business teams to rapidly assemble sleek, intuitive and secure Web, Mobile and Chatbot interfaces for insurance companies with just drag and drop. You can also embed AI features such as chatbot, visual recognition, fingerprint authentication etc. on web, app and 3rd party chat clients. Moreover, all the platforms can be seamlessly integrated with the insurer’s backend system using the point and click interface.

Why Streebo?

Omnichannel-retail-experience Cross-platform omnichannel apps
Expertise in complex insurance projects implementation with modern infrastructure
Omnichannel-retail-experience Power to Business
‘Drag and Drop’ Interface for IT/LoB to modify and manage apps at ease
Omnichannel-retail-experience Comprehensive Security
3rd party integrations and secure payment gateways
Omnichannel-retail-experience Lower Maintenance Cost
A single code base for all digital assets and automation tool
Omnichannel-retail-experience Flexible Deployment Options
Deploy on-premise OR on cloud
Omnichannel-retail-experience Highly Skilled Team
Expertise in complex insurance projects implementation with modern infrastructure