Extend the Impact of Company’s Onboarding System

An onboarding software for companies works as the best solution in the digital fast-paced world enabling employees to work using automated system in the company with regards to understanding company policies, completing joining formalities, knowing their teams and maintaining higher productivity level throughout. Companies can offer it as a timesaving and cost-efficient system to new employees using an overall efficient software. Everyday task can be done easily from speedy employee recruitment, smarter internal collaboration to meaningful employee introduction. All this can be done by optimizing your budget staying with software!
Onboarding software

Design a Strategic HR Onboarding Process

Onboarding software
When it comes to onboarding an employee, there is a list of tasks that many companies perform manually which are complicated and involves a lot of paperwork. Sometimes, it also leaves an employee highly dissatisfied and frustrated before even starting with their work at the company. Thankfully, Streebo has a solution to this. Companies can onboard employees using automated onboarding process that helps employees concentrate more on strategic tasks instead of getting looped in the lengthy HR formalities on their first day. Streebo’s effective software is a sigh of relief for the HR team as it becomes easy for HR to resolve all the paperwork, therefore allowing HR to focus more on the employee’s overall experience at work. It lets HR enable a creative onboarding portal to new hires, create effective workflows, generate reports and customize the system as per the needs leading to an efficient, cost-effective and speedy employee onboarding.

Transform the Working Style Aspect
of Onboarding Team

By turning all offline work into an online conversation and converting paper-based work into a digital form, web and mobile chatbots for onboarding can help the teams to communicate easily. New employees can know about the company, its journey, accomplishments, other employees and much more using chatbots. It eliminates the need for conducting meetings frequently and saves everyone lot of time. This not only guarantees a high level of employee engagement but also lays an efficient & faster onboarding process for both HR and employees.
Onboarding software

Features A Modern Software Must Have

Onboarding software Quick Company Interaction and Formality Process for New Hires Let your new employees get started with an attractive pre-board solution by providing them company documents on their day 01 before they even enter the office. Employees can complete all onboarding tasks electronically using the user-friendly onboarding with a tech-savvy system. With this, company can save time and free themselves from all the complicated and lengthy procedures.
Onboarding software Regulate Task Updates Let the employees be notified about the status of each task. Employees can easily look at the accepted, rejected and pending tasks of new employees using easy filter function of Onboarding system saving a lot of time and effort in the process.
Onboarding software Experience an Interactive Reporting and Dashboard System By using dashboards, teams can go through daily, weekly and monthly tasks and compliances. With the help of a real-time reporting system, employee evaluation system becomes easy.
Onboarding software Enable Greater Employee Interaction with Chatbot With web and mobile chatbots, companies can experience increased employee satisfaction and cost savings in less time. HR teams can feel more empowered by completing tasks digitally and focus more on important tasks without having to waste time.

Why Streebo Onboarding Software?

Onboarding software Intuitive UI
Onboarding software Omnichannel solution
Onboarding software Intelligent
Onboarding software Secured Platform
Onboarding software Offline Data Entry Support
Onboarding software Web and Mobile Chatbot interfaces

Digitize Your Company’s Onboarding System Using Streebo DXA

Streebo Cloud DXA solutions help an organization create omnichannel digital solutions. Cloud DXA provides you with a slick, intuitive and simple-to-use omnichannel interface. The drag-and-drop feature makes it possible for even the line of business to customize and deploy changes across channels. The solution enables you to create a smarter application using AI technology and intelligent Chatbots / Virtual Assistants as well as add more value to your business proposition, reduce your operational costs and make your employees more productive.