A Texas based technology firm launches its revolutionary tool and transforms the Conversational AI space!

May 20, 2019
Houston, TX – With technology evolving at a fast pace, web and mobile apps have become the new normal. Messaging Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are gaining a lot of popularity. But businesses are facing competition as well as having issues engaging customers with the attention span decreasing by a significant amount. To solve these issues, we now have the power of AI with Conversational Interfaces. Conversational AI has gained a lot of popularity. These conversational interfaces have opened realms of engagement in this tech era. They continue to gain popularity with more than 80% business expecting to use it by 2020, Gartner.

But, these conversational interfaces are not easy to build and consumes a lot of time and money. That’s where Streebo, a Houston based startup in the digital transformation space has stepped in. Streebo announced the launch of its Chatbot Builder. This dynamic product is creating waves in the conversational AI space with its low code no code tool that cuts the development time and cost of building a bot (a simple as well as transactional bot) in HALF!

Streebo Chatbot Builder is one of a kind product that uses a simple drag and drop & point and click interface to build/assemble a bot! It’s unique single source code capability, extends all the functionalities like product search, bill payments, etc. on to all the channels – web, mobile, 3rd party messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp and such, all at the same time! This capability lets the user have a true omnichannel experience. The revolutionary tool not only cuts the development cost and time in half but also let’s line of business, a non-tech person to develop, build and modify a chatbot/conversational interface solution! It is built on IBM platform and hence has a very robust, secure and scalable base!

What more? It connects to all the latest AI voice gadgets as well! The tool extends all of its capabilities to build a voice interface for the apps! So now you can talk to your web and mobile app with equal ease to perform all regular website functions! Further, the conversational bot is so smart that it understands your native language as well! It builds a comprehensive bot that can perform all kinds of transactions like fund transfer, bill payments and more, all in the native language!

Streebo’s conversational interface technology is breaking grounds and revolutionizing not just the AI world but the business world as well! It’s pre-built solutions for different industries is helping save businesses across the world millions and generate new revenue streams! “The transformation of Streebo from a pure services company to a product company is a sign that brings out the true value that this revolutionary tool has to offer!”, says Usman Memon, Founder & CEO of Streebo Inc.

About Streebo Inc: Streebo, established in 2008 and headquartered in Houston, Texas works with customers around the world in conjunction with IBM and its Business Partners. Streebo has provided digital transformation solutions to some of the world’s leading enterprises. It started as a services company but has successfully transformed itself into a product company. It’s conversational technology and AI capabilities along with its industry & domain expertise helps enterprises build world-class digital experience for their users, customers and partners!

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