Take A Productive Leap for Supply Chain Process Using Chatbots

Supply chain means a need for constant connectivity and communication. Clients look for “on-time” responses and the team needs to stay on their toes all the time to process it without creating an overall negative experience. Along with this, the team prioritizes a faster and efficient the process for the company and therefore it demands to involve conversational AI chatbots in the system that offers a transformative and effective move to your traditional workflow and co-ordination system.

Bots are the potential source of productivity at every stage starting from order-placement, tracking orders to final delivery. Implementing these bots to the system not only introduces a modern system but also an easy data retrieval and a greater communication structure for the companies resulting in a rewarding the system.

How Does Chatbot Affect Your Company?

Assists in Adapting A Simple and Powerful Supply Chain Management System
Streamlines the process of operations, automates every process and improves overall team productivity. Helps in offering the right information at the right time to the right people. It automatically doubles the efficiency of the team.
Gives an Experience of Efficient Purchase Process
Bots free up the managers from tasks like taking care of inventory control, creating productive workflows and receiving purchase orders. Bots can perform 2X faster than a big team to update the manager about the daily material status and also takes care of the complete process saving the team’s time and department’s money.
Helps in Providing Quicker Responses
Bots eliminate the situation of long queues of queries and provide quick replies, quality services to the clients. Chatbot offers fast replies and real-time updates to the clients making sure that every client gets utmost importance.
Builds Greater Customer Relationship
Decreases customer’s waiting time provides easy navigation and offers visible end-to-end real-time information for an improved customer relationship.

Supply Chain Chatbot Use Cases

Customer Orders
  • Take orders
  • Track orders
  • Update about delayed or cancelled orders
  • Send real-time delivery updates
  • Inventory Manage ment
  • Floor Planning
  • Warehouse Location Updation
Employee Management
  • Keeps employees updated with latest company information

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