Watson Assistant Training

What is this training for?

Learn how to leverage the power of AI using IBM Watson Assistant!


2-day training available onsite or remote

Targeted Towards

Watson Assistant Training IT Leaders
Watson Assistant Training Architects
Watson Assistant Training Developers

Why IBM Watson Assistant Training?

Watson Assistant Training
A recent Forrester Research has listed IBM Watson Assistant as the leader in Conversational Computing Platforms. Watson Assistant as developer friendly and can be easily integrated into a broader enterprise architecture. It is an advanced virtual assistant that fetches the right response or document from the knowledge base and directs the user to a human agent in case of complex queries. This enhances customer experience and makes their interaction seamless across all channels.

IBM Watson Assistant has pre-trained industry-specific modules and a drag and drop tool to build conversation flow. People with minimal IT knowledge can now build comprehensive chatbots as this platform eliminates coding. Moreover, it also provides training suggestions while building the assistant. With multiple language support, Watson Assistant can be deployed on web, mobile and all social channels and it can also be deployed on the Cloud of your choice.

Looking to train your business teams on building a Chatbot with IBM technology?

Here it is! A one-of-a-kind, easy and comprehensive training for your business teams to build a secure and customized bot and deploy it on multiple platforms!

Types of Training


Generic Training
Enable the chatbot plugin and build the bot with ‘Drag and drop’ interface.


Custom Training
A custom program where you get to build and train the bot based on your use case. The cost for this training is USD 250/seat.

What will you learn in the training?

Watson Assistant Training Advent of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing
Watson Assistant Training Conversational Interface (CI) and its advantages
Watson Assistant Training Design principles of Voice and Chat activation
Watson Assistant Training Designing the bot for navigation
Watson Assistant Training Building Dialog Flow using Streebo Bot Builder
Watson Assistant Training Services Orchestration and integrating with backends
Watson Assistant Training Training the bot for intents using IBM Watson Assistant
Watson Assistant Training Governance and Security of Bot
Watson Assistant Training Deploy & Test the Conversational Interface
Watson Assistant Training Managing ongoing Training and Testing
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