Journey to Digital Transformation: Learn how with IBM & Streebo

Manifold challenges are faced by financial enterprises on a daily basis; both internal and external, such as:
  • Reliance on outdated paper processes or old legacy systems hampering innovation
  • Empowered customers demanding personalized experiences across all digital mediums
  • New players changing the industry landscape by leveraging latest technology

Financial organizations have to respond to these challenges by investing heavily in their customer facing channels and digital platforms to ensure that their customers do not switch providers. Customers have to be at the center of all your decision making, hence delivering contextual and secure experiences across all the customer touchpoints is crucial.

On 3rd November, join digital experts from IBM & Streebo to learn how omnichannel solutions and ‘Mobile Forms’ can aid your organization in its digital transformation journey.

Bill Swatling
Director, Streebo Inc.

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