Improve the Experience and Efficiency of the Users through Voice-Activated Virtual Helpers

Amazon Alexa Integration
Conversational Interface helps in increasing the ease of customer interaction giving an enhanced customer experience. With the rise in personalization, enabling users to eliminate the manual effort of searching through the information using natural language makes such interfaces a quicker and more efficient channel of consumer engagement.

Why should you adopt Voice-Enabled Conversational AI Interface?

25% of customer service and supports will be integrated with virtual customer assistants or bots across all engagement channels by 2020.
43% of consumers say they prefer live chats to emails or social media forums because they don’t have to wait for their queries to be answered.
2020 is the year by when 50% of all the online searches will be voice-based; and about 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen.

Benefits of adopting Voice-enabled Conversational Interface in your business.

Competitive Edge
Stay ahead of the market curve by integrating the latest voice and chat technology.
Increased Customer Base
Increase your reach across channels and interact with more users and consumers.
Superior Customer Experience (CX)
Enhance your CX with efficient search and quick response.
Increased User Attention
Voice and chat interactions can help steer the conversation with a targeted question and a c risper Call to Action for each interaction done.
Quick, Efficient Search
Eliminate the task of doing a manual search for the right information, making it easy for the users to navigate.
Customer Insights
Analytics that lets you compare and understand consumer behavior, giving you insights and enabling to make data-driven business decisions.

Mastering Alexa Capabilities Across Industries

Streebo Conversational AI solution comes with an option of flexible deployment as well as the choice to pick NLP engine. Streebo AI solution does not just make your website and mobile application voice and chat compatible but also integrates it with a smart device like Amazon Alexa across industries.
Amazon Alexa Integration Banking
  • Check balance
  • Transfer money
  • Pay bills
Amazon Alexa Integration Healthcare
  • Get prescription
  • Book appointment
  • Monitor symptoms
Amazon Alexa Integration Telecom
  • Register complaints
  • Update subscription
  • Provide feedback
Amazon Alexa Integration E-commerce
  • Get deals
  • Product search & purchase
  • Track purchases
Amazon Alexa Integration Travel
  • Check-In and cancel lations
  • Recommends places
  • Connects to customer service

Why Streebo?

Amazon Alexa Integration Comprehensive Security
ChatBots built using Streebo’s ChatBot builder are built on top of IBM platform and are highly robust and scalable with highly secure 3rd party integrations.
Amazon Alexa Integration Compliance
ChatBots built using bot-builder is compliant with the industry-standard frameworks like Ionic, Angular JS, etc.
Amazon Alexa Integration Low code no code tooling
ChatBots built using bot-builder a low code/no-code tool, can be built in half the development time and can be easily updated or modified even by LOBs.
Amazon Alexa Integration Power to Business
With ‘Drag and Drop’ interface for IT/LoB to modify and manage apps at ease.
Amazon Alexa Integration Single Code Base
ChatBots built using Streebo’s revolutionary tool, bot-builder follows a one code base approach thus giving users a true omnichannel experience.
Amazon Alexa Integration Flexible Deployment Options
ChatBots built using bot-builder have flexible deployment options of on-premise or on the cloud.
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