Easily define and manage
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In this day and age of information, data is the new gold! Organize your company data with a Streebo CMS, and effectively drive marketing campaigns. Organize, segment, target, and manage multichannel marketing messages efficiently. Send the right message to your target audience over the right channel 4X faster.

Features of Streebo’s Campaign Management System

Billing Management Software Easy to adopt: An easy to use system that your team will adopt easily and experience the benefits.
Billing Management Software Track campaigns: All teams can track which campaigns are active, in-progress or paused. They can also track the number of leads and budget spent for each campaign.
Billing Management Software Multichannel marketing automation: Easy communication with employees where they know what to send, when to send and via which channel thus reaching customers at the right time.
Billing Management Software Progressing of Leads: The sales team can easily know how to move the lead ahead within the sales funnel.
Billing Management Software Budget and cost management: See how each campaign is consuming budget and calculate ROI for every penny spent.
Billing Management Software Marketing Collaterals: Know when to send what with the list of marketing collaterals mentioned in the system.
Billing Management Software Target Audience: Know who the campaign is targeted towards to be clear when progressing the lead.
Billing Management Software Region: Know the region in which the campaign is running to share relevant collaterals and contact them at an appropriate hour.
Billing Management Software Reporting: Fetch reports and analyze which campaign yielded results and which ones did not. This helps in further planning of new campaigns.
Streebo’s campaign management system keeps you on top of your ever-expanding marketing channels. You can manage multiple marketing campaigns to deliver the right message to the right audience. It is user friendly and has an intuitive UI where non-technical users can easily create campaigns.

Why Streebo?

Billing Management Software Go-to-market Faster: Pre-built library of templates,widgets and apps that helps go to market faster.
Billing Management Software Power to Business: With ‘Drag and Drop’ Interface for IT/LoB to modify and manage apps at ease.
Billing Management Software Comprehensive Security: For 3rd party integrations and secure payment gateways.
Billing Management Software Lower Maintenance Cost: Reducing the development time and cost by half!
Billing Management Software Faster Development: Streebo’s approach to building apps is using a single code base across all platforms.
Billing Management Software Highly Skilled Team: With expertise in handling complex projects implementation around the globe.

Benefits of Streebo’s campaign management solution!

Billing Management Software Let’s you quickly collaborate with your team for planning and communicating strategies.
Billing Management Software Helps handle large multi-stage campaigns.
Billing Management Software Let’s you easily access and manage marketing collaterals.
Billing Management Software Helps measure campaign performance.
Billing Management Software Easily adoptable by team members.
Billing Management Software Provides better insights into campaign costs and budget over an intuitive dashboard.
Billing Management Software Increases team’s productivity by 40%.
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