Transform travel planning and booking experience
to drive more sales

Chatbots for the travel and leisure industry, also known as ‘virtual travel agent’, is getting popular with the millennial traveler. A recent Google research found that 92% millennials found live chat engaging with 23% of them expected to travel and spend 1.4 trillion USD by 2020. The travel chatbot is available 24×7 all-round the year and addresses common traveler concerns like planning a holiday, choosing a suitable holiday package or hotel, booking a tour, making payments etc. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as this interactive, “at your fingertips” experience is not just for travel planning and booking.

The chatbot becomes a travel companion for your customers by providing streamlined user experience and delivering personalized travel solutions. Travel chatbots help customers get on-demand access to useful information in the language of their choice. Chatbots can assist a traveler during awareness stage as well as conversion stage. Thus, a customer facing chatbot can transform the way customer interacts with your travel business.

Travel Processes that can be transformed with Chatbots


Quick Access to travel destinations


Easy on-budget planning


Flight & Hotel Bookings


Payment facility for travel bookings


Handling Booking & Pre-booking Queries


City guide & Tourist attractions


Communicating Reviews & Ratings


Personalized Marketing Messages

Reach your customer on the Channel of their Choice

The travel planning chatbot guides a customer to choose a suitable travel destination, book flights, and book hotels very easily at any hour. Enterprises in the travel industry can now talk to customers not just on their own website or app, but also on social media and chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Chatbots can be placed on 3rd party sites to interact with customers and give them information on demand (24*7). Smart bots placed on all your customer interaction channels can help reduce the costs incurred in customer care centers too.

Build Smart Bots for Travel & Leisure Industry
with Power of IBM & Streebo

Streebo has launched a revolutionary Chatbot Builder to help build chat assistants easily, using a drag and drop interface. From basic customer queries to complicated requests, Streebo’s travel and leisure industry chatbot will help transform the way you interact with customers. With the power of IBM Watson as a smart NLP engine, Streebo’s Chatbot Builder can easily understand user intent and help you build smart chatbots that are highly flexible, secure and scalable. Deploy chatbots on your travel planning/hotel app, website or 3rd party apps like Facebook Messenger with the easy deployment facility afforded by Streebo.

Key Differentiators of Streebo Chatbot Builder


Faster Time to
Market with
App Automation

Leverages Reliable
& Secure IBM
Watson Technology

Seamless Integration
with any travel
backend system

Easy Chatbot
Modification with
No Coding Required

deployment Compatibility

Lower Support
& Maintenance

Analytics & Insights
for Superior Customer