Create Online Collaborative Workspace

Collaborate with teams to manage workflow and get a clear comprehensive view of projects on a single platform.

Effective teamwork needs powerful and innovative online enterprise collaboration software.

Streebo’s enterprise software is a bundle of functions that allows team members to communicate, contribute and collaborate online without any place or time constraints.

Key takeaways

Collaboration Software Tailor-made UI to enhance employee experience
Collaboration Software Ability to add Mobile Sensors & AI / Chatbot Components
Collaboration Software Works in Offline Mode
Collaboration Software Power to add content widgets and support workflows
Collaboration Software Integrate to your existing HR systems
Collaboration Software LoB can manage apps with FEB – A form creation tool

Adapt a Simpler Version of Complex Meetings

Every plan looks crisp and clear on the paper until it is implemented.

To keep every team member on the same page, it is important to have all the ideas aligned towards business goals.

With an employee facing collaboration app, it is simpler to understand and execute business plans.

Every team member can have the data access from anywhere, anytime regardless of which device they use.

We help the team to track projects, build reports easily, keep all documents in one place, take informed decisions and execute actions in seconds!

Smart Project Management with Streebo’s
Collaboration Tool

Collaboration Software Keep Track of Activity Status
Collaboration Software Send Messages, Feedbacks, Ideas Instantly
Collaboration Software Receive Real-Time Updates and Notifications
Collaboration Software Set Task Due Dates and Deadlines
Collaboration Software Upload and Share Files with Team
Collaboration Software Search Users on The Directory to Connect Easily
Collaboration Software Grant Access to Tasks and Projects
Collaboration Software Create Powerful Reports

Streebo helps a leading luxury retailer improve employee collaboration with IBM Connections

Share Knowledge with Teams Easily Using Chatbots

Streebo Chatbot Builder powered by IBM Technology is a low or no code tool that lets you build secure and scalable chatbots with just drag and drop. It can be seamlessly embedded on web, apps or 3rd party chat messengers like Facebook & WhatsApp. They can be deployed on-premise or on cloud and integrated with any enterprise backends with just a point and click.

Want to build Powerful Collaboration Software for your enterprise?


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