Need for Cross-Platform App Development

Businesses keep on trying to take their app development process to the next level. A few years back, app or web development using a single code base was considered too risky and enterprises believed in using creating separate solutions for separate platforms. The consensus was that cross-platform application development posed design challenges across user interfaces, were less reliable and difficult to manage.

However, native app development posed a major challenge with regards to app updates and release cycle times. One of the key concerns faced by IT managers and Line of Business is to make changes in Android, iOS and websites all at once with minimal involvement from the IT team. One of the latest developments has been the emergence of app automation platforms for running cross-platforms apps on any platform.

Benefits of Cross-platform App Development

Cost Effective

Single Code Base

Faster App Debugging

UI Uniformity

Quicker Release Cycles

Faster API Connection

Streebo DX Accelerator – A unique cross-platform development tool

Streebo Cross-platform App Development tooling – Streebo DX Accelerator – is designed to help enterprises develop applications that work on Android, iOS, Windows or as a website. Streebo DX Accelerator is a set of ‘no or low code’ tooling that allows IT teams and Line of Business to collaboratively and rapidly assemble sleek and intuitive web, mobile and Chatbot interfaces that can be easily integrated with enterprise backends using a point-and-click integration interface.

How Streebo DX Accelerator can help your Enterprise Build Cross Platform Applications

Drag and Drop App Builder

Easy App Management for LoB & IT

Faster Time to Market

Comprehensive Security

Point & Click Integration Interface

Lower Costs & Higher Productivity
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