How to Get your Creative Team use Project Management Software?

Why is your creative team averse to using a project management software? Because they feel it is just another tool and because they feel that it does not let them work the way they want!!
Creative processes are organic, and your creative team likes to think, imagine and nurture the ideas that germinate and make them blossom. However, working in a corporate environment is all about number crunching and deadlines. So does this mean, you should give up on innovative ideas and creative pursuits? Can you put a timeline to creativity?

I knew a designer, who was up against a deadline to showcase his design at a fashion show. However, he was so driven by the idea of developing a fabric surface, that all he could come up with for the show was a swatch. Naturally, his name was dropped from the list of designers – lost a chance to feature in some local channels, newspapers, and magazines. That would have been a stepping stone to his success.
The point is, that it is important to work on projects, not just an idea. Setting a timeline, breaking down a project into piecemeals and following a strategy is extremely important for businesses.

There is not one industry, that has not changed with time. Every business must reinvent itself in some way or the other, and always stay relevant. I have seen some excellent project managers, who work without any management software and deliver excellent results. However, today, the world is driven by data and hence project management is no longer exempt from the burden of keeping logs. However, the difference between a burdensome project management process and managing a team and finishing projects well within deadlines (like a breeze) – is that of a project management software.

What features may entice your creative team to try the software and get hooked to it!

Why is your creative team averse to using a project management software? Because they feel it is just another tool and because they feel that it does not let them work the way they want!!
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team A collaborative platform that
encourages teamwork
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team Q & A Space where project details can be shared,
and all queries of the team are answered
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team Ease of moving deadlines
based on task priority
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team Ease of changing the assignee and
task ownership as required
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team An interface that lets you create a
checklist and track project progress
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team Interesting design and interface to coax your creatives to follow the system
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team Secure file sharing with editing rights
only to authorized individuals
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team Quick labeling of files so that they are easily sorted and retrieved when needed
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team A log of version history and access to all the versions till the project is closed
How-to-Get-your-Creative-Team A dashboard that summarizes the project
and shares the outcome

Some Auxiliary features that will add dimension to your project management system

Ability to share images with annotations via mobile phone
Share data like business cards and addresses
Each member should be able to customize view based on the nature of work and preferences
Ability to color code deliverables
Geotagging locations and storing other event details like list of attendees and their contacts

Add conversation to your project management system!

Storytelling, brainstorming, and conversing are some of the things that creatives love to undertake. Any idea can crop up without an alarm at any time, while driving or while eating food. A conversational assistant who listens to every idea, records it and shares it with team members, anytime and from anywhere, is something that will catch the fancy of your creative team. Trust me they will use this feature!

So, here’s another feature: a conversational bot, you can just talk to it like you talk to a team member. Ask for project deadlines, project progress, send video recordings and voice messages – it is going to be an era of voice and video messages after all!!

Build a system that will support the way your teams work, and not the other way around. The aim of a project management system is to become more productive, complete tasks on time and stay focused without meddling with the team’s creative instinct and workflow.

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