HR Automation with Chatbots

HR Automation with Chatbots
Within the industries, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and similar technologies are on emerging trends. These technologies are in the race to provide excellent customer experience, efficiency, productivity and cost-effective solutions. To cope with the present reality requests organizations in the process to supplant the major hierarchical processes with the AI powered bots.
HR Automation with Chatbots HR!! Employee or personnel trained to interact with the talented humans and find out the best out of them for the organization.
HR Automation with Chatbots Virtual Assistant – Chatbot!! Lines of code in the form of a computer program used and trained to interact with humans for talent acquisition.

HR Bots: AI program to build Customer Experience

With the surge of technology advances, implementing AI in Human Resources can cause extraordinary benefits. HR Chatbots can computerize the manual and repetitive processes performed by the HR staffs. Chatbots empowers an opportunity to serve the up-and-comers better by interacting the similar way as humans; hence providing an increasingly modern conversational interface and delivering personal experiences.

In the current process, HR’s are busy performing the manual tasks, analyzing them and answering the doubts about the policies and other stuffs. Replacement with chatbots can help the HR staff focus on other critical aspects of Human Resource processes.
HR Automation with Chatbots

Let’s explore the paths were HR Bots are providing a remarkable assistance.

HR Automation with Chatbots

HR Chatbots for Staff Recruitment

Recruitment being the one of the major processes of HR that takes up a lot of time and manual processes. Automating this process with HR can really help them. A bot can be trained for this process to interact with the candidate and perform analysis, do background checks and serving the candidate with a modern experience. It can also provide use-cases for the screening tests.
HR Automation with Chatbots

HR Chatbots for Company Policies and Information

Distributing the same information and answering the same questions time and again is a kind of a boring task. Rather, the bot can be trained to respond every single inquiry in an extremely effective and explicit way. It should be skilled enough to provide the query specific answers.
HR Automation with Chatbots

HR Chatbots for OnBoarding or OffBoarding Employees

Chatbots can facilitate the HR’s procedure and guide the employees in Onboarding and Offboarding procedures. Way of getting the Onboarding formality documents, resignation request, analyzing them and providing a handy analytic database of the documents, requests and stuffs.
HR Automation with Chatbots

HR Chatbots for Leave Management Responses

In a small company, the records of the leaves of the employees is very easy to manage. But as the company size grows, it becomes difficult to manage the data over spreadsheets, emails or other analog mediums. With the bot, employees can request for leave even when on the roadside, and the HR team or responsible manager can get an update on who is out of the office today, even before arriving at the office with this enhanced power technology tool.
HR Automation with Chatbots

HR Chatbots for salary slips and related data

Managing the salaries of hundreds of employees, each having a different pay scale is a really difficult task. With the bot, the accurate analytics can be obtained, and it can process the slips just by few commands.
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