IBM Bluemix Consulting Services


Bluemix now known as IBM Cloud, lets developers, businesses, and end-users explore the cloud application capabilities to power next generation applications. IBM envisioned Bluemix as a system that allows flexible capacity in terms of storage, and bandwidth. It is very easy to handle the backend for any application using IBM Bluemix – without extensive IT support. Leveraging the flexibility that cloud applications provide, businesses can cater to customer requests like new features, instant updates and automatic deployment

Why IBM Bluemix

bluemix-consulting-services Easy access to resources for any workload.
bluemix-consulting-services Better reach across a universal network of datacenters
bluemix-consulting-services Higher control of managing applications
bluemix-consulting-services Flexibility to choose physical or virtual server configuration

Our Solutions

Managed Services
Manage your digital properties leveraging our world class services expertise
Consulting Services
Rely on our Bluemix consultants to create, deploy and manage applications on Bluemix platform
Training Services
Learn to expertly handle IBM Bluemix and manage application
Migration Services
Migrate to cloud platform and gain agility

Application modernization and management partner

Streebo is an IBM Gold Business partner and holds extensive experience in app modernization and Chatbot integration, migration to cloud and in training clients to handle Bluemix platform to easily build, deploy and manage their applications and chatbots. Streebo collaborates with clients to understand requirements and leverage the Bluemix offering, creates applications with excellent UI/UX using its homegrown product Digital Experience Accelerator. Bluemix experts handhold clients through knowledge transfer, app modifications and virtual assistant integration, and conduct workshops to create and manage apps on IBM Bluemix.

Streebo’s Bluemix Garage

Bluemix client

Prospect to give us 1-2 app screens/forms

Streebo to mobilize these using Digital Experience Accelerator

Streebo to conduct a 2-day workshop on site

Deliver the hybrid app and provide training

Integrate Chatbot with your digital property: Leverage the power of AI

Capitalize on Streebo chatbot garage offering. Convert any business process to Chatbots with our complimentary Streebo Chatbot Garage Offering Select any business process and enjoy a free Chatbot trial run for 30 Days before you get a full-fledged Chatbot solution on board.

Why Streebo?

bluemix-consulting-services Cross-platform deployment
bluemix-consulting-services Quick and easy creation
bluemix-consulting-services Comprehensive Security
bluemix-consulting-services Increase revenue and reduce costs
bluemix-consulting-services Flexible programming language
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