Lessons Learned Implementing & Delivering
AI Powered Bot Solutions

Bot adoption and implementation best practices combined with Streebo’s world-class and IBM powered Bot Builder have helped Streebo & IBM become successful at some of the very large enterprise Bot rollouts around the world! For example, a large security firm based out of North America was looking to automate their internal processes with an HR and Operations Bot which in turn would significantly reduce time spent on resolving FAQs and long waiting lines for other support requests. With IBM Watson & Streebo DXA powered AI Virtual Assistant, employees can now put in requests on the go and get immediate and accurate responses, thus allowing them to focus on important tasks and boost productivity. The conversations in the chatbot are guided by Streebo Bot Builder – Streebo’s proprietary drag & drop Bot building tool, which reduces the GTM time significantly. Similarly, A multi-trillion-dollar Oil Refinery in Middle East chose Streebo’s IBM powered Bot Builder as its Covid-19 AI Conversation Bot Builder. “With the recent onset of Covid-19, our client wanted an informative bot that could educate its workforce on their personal and workplace health under the recent situation of Covid-19. With IBM & Streebo powered Bot they could ascertain on preliminary basis if they require immediate health care based on their symptoms. The bot also provides relevant contact details and information regarding the Health Care Services in their vicinity.” says Jay Parikh, Head of Product & Delivery at Streebo.

These and many such success stories around the world lead us to believe that Bots are the powerhouses and engines of automation that will help Business digitally transform themselves completely and provide that competitive edge which will enable them to sustain and thrive in the new age of Technological disruption! These stories also teach us some valuable lessons learned throughout the Bot implementation journey.
Lessons Learned Implementing
Easy to code or maybe not code (and use just drag & drop) Bot builders often allows Line of Business to contribute to design of a Bot solution. This contribution often enables a solution to have that subject-matter and business eye that many solutions miss in their design!
Superior natural language processing engines that allows a Bot to not only identify but also correct user’s intent is supreme to a good Bot experience!
Lessons Learned Implementing
Lessons Learned Implementing
A thoroughly trained and a creative UI/UX team designing that most optimal Bot user experience enables a customer to traverse through his/her Bot experience easily and happily!
An economical, subscription or pay-per-usage options to multi-million dollar, back breaking, capex, upfront-pay Bot solutions not only allows you to take on that Bot initiative now as opposed to “next” year but also TRY OUT the solution at zero risk. Such compelling pricing options if available often becomes a differentiator and competitive edge for the Businesses as they start to reap the early mover benefits soon!
Lessons Learned Implementing
So what are you waiting for? AI Bots are Hot! So I say take some Shots! And make your Business a melting Pot of Hot, Shots, AI Bots!

Author: Uzaira Memon, Associate Partner at Streebo

About Streebo:
Streebo is an IBM Gold Partner and works in tandem with the IBM to deliver Web, Mobile and AI powered Chatbot solutions around the world. The synergy of IBM’s Watson Assistant, IBM Cloud Paks and Streebo’s BOT Builder allows Streebo to assemble sleek, FAQ as well as Transactional, robust, secure, scalable, enterprise-grade Chatbots in half the development time and cost than the traditional coding methods.