Low Code Platform – A Fast Pass to Building Omni-channel Solutions

With an increasing emphasis on digital transformation, omnichannel solutions, and nimble app development, the need for low code platforms is growing exponentially. Conventional development methods require long lines of coding and are tedious and cumbersome. In contrast, the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ROI of low code platforms make them popular with businesses. These platforms speed up the time to market multi-fold and operate seamlessly across multiple devices.

The growing adoption of low code platforms is driving about 50% annual market growth; currently worth $4 billion approximately.
Low Code Platforms
Digital transformation and quick adoption of the ever-changing technology landscape is critical for modern businesses. Low code technology has enabled small teams to keep up with the fast-paced technological advancement by delivering custom applications in no time! Moreover, it reduces IT dependency as Line of Business teams can easily build, manage & modify the apps. The visual techniques & drag & drop tooling have eliminated the risks of coding, thus establishing itself as a significant shift in technology.

Key Benefits of Low Code Platforms

Low Code Platforms

Higher Productivity

Low code/no code platforms allow businesses to build their own apps quickly. The drag and drop tooling reduce the time taken to build customized apps from – months to days. With a drag and drop tooling, LOBs can handle minor updates independently. Thus, the IT dependency reduces – this saves a lot of time.
Low Code Platforms

Decreased Costs

Since the app development time significantly reduces, costs decrease automatically. Also, low code platforms enable people with minimal skills to build apps which reduces the need for expert developers, thus cutting down on hiring costs.
Low Code Platforms

Better Customer Experience

Low code platforms allow you to build solutions on multiple channels with a single source code. This gives customers a consistent and seamless experience on all channels. Moreover, operating speed increases, which boosts satisfaction rates.
Low Code Platforms


Low code platforms make complex updates, bugs fixes & other modifications quick and easy. Adding & improving features, adapting to newer technologies & changing business needs can be done immediately without modules available on these platforms.
Low code platforms are here to stay as they reduce app development complexity and ensure smooth sailing! With the ever-changing business needs, it is crucial to be able to build new apps and modify the existing ones at a fast pace without the risk of losing data. Low code platforms have enabled developers to deliver secure & scalable apps faster and cope-up with the growing demand.
These platforms have gone beyond app building and are capable of building and integrating intelligent features such as chatbots. With low code platforms, you can build customized conversational interfaces and integrate them on multiple platforms! The world is talking about AI & low code platforms have made it simple to integrate it with business processes, thus giving a competitive edge!

Streebo, an IBM Gold Business Partner holds extensive expertise in building omni-channel solutions with its low or no code tooling. With its drag & drop technology, you can build web, mobile & chat interfaces and integrate it with enterprise backends with just point & click. It cuts the development cost & time by 50%, thus boosting ROI & speeding up time to market!
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