A Fortune 500 Oil and Gas major selects
Streebo DXA to transform their enterprise data collection

Business Challenge

With an objective to automate data collection and reporting processes across various enterprise functions such as; operations, accounting, marketing and HR, an Asian state-owned oil and natural gas company contacted Streebo.

Collected data and vital information were spread across numerous spreadsheets, emails and papers. This led to inefficiencies, inaccurate reporting and also affected employee productivity at large.


Streebo offered to extend and transform these spreadsheets, forms and desktop applications on mobile devices using their revolutionary ‘App Accelerator Platform (Mobile Forms)’.

Built in conjunction with the IBM product labs, their unique set of low or no code tooling – DX Accelerator, cuts the cost for developing mobile apps in half! Leveraging the industry leading, IBM DX Manager platform; Streebo DX Accelerator can also add the power of AI and help enterprises roll-out their digital transformation initiatives 2X faster!

Know more about Streebo DX Accelerator
Streebo plans to integrate these apps with various client backends, support workflows and add smart features (Offline connectivity, Single Signons etc.) to drive productivity.

Faster roll-outs with Streebo DX Accelerator (Point and Click Integration Interface)
Mobile sensors and native device features would facilitate faster data capture
Improved Data Capture and reporting, resulting in improved efficiency
Replacing paper forms with applications would ensure safer processes lesser
environmental hazards

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