Streebo digital banking suite powered by their revolutionary Low OR No Code automated development tool – DX Accelerator enable banks and credit unions to provide personalized yet, highly differentiated mobile banking experiences to their customers, advisors, partners and employees.

Value Added Features (APIs) &
Artificial Intelligent Capabilities

Cab Booking


Grocery Booking


Hotel Booking


Fashion & Lifestyle


Travel Booking


Movie Ticket Bookings


Artificial Intelligence capabilities to drive adoption

  • Chatbots
  • Facial Recognition & Finger Print Access
  • Personalization (Through Machine Learning)

Benefits for Banks and
Credit Unions

App-Adoption-DM Improved Customer Engagement :
AI aided features and transactional agility would not only improve the engagement but drive adoption amongst the dormant bank customers
App-Adoption-DM Increase in Digital Transaction:
Adding value added services and third-party APIs would increase the number of digital transactions per customer and hence the revenue
App-Adoption-DM Increase in Operational Efficiency :
Adding self-service features to the applications would reduce the number of call center queries and branch visits, thus improve the operational efficiency

Why Streebo?

Seamless Integration

Integrating new features to your existing app is easy with a point and click interface Employee-Engagement-Solution

App Automation

Faster time to market using our pre-built app assets Employee-Engagement-Solution

Reliable Technology

Banks need to balance innovation and technology & robust IBM Platforms help in handling diverse user sets and varying app environments Employee-Engagement-Solution

Comprehensive Security

Safeguard confidential and sensitive information being shared between different systems Employee-Engagement-Solution

Lower App Development Cost

With its pre-built app assets and coherent app updates, banks and credit unions can significantly lower the cost of app development and subsequent maintenance and support Employee-Engagement-Solution
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