Drive Efficiency with a Mobile Data Collection App

Drive Efficiency with a Mobile Data Collection App
For decades, enterprises have been using paper based, spreadsheet or emails to capture field data and send it to their back-office systems for maintaining a system of records. Field personnel would capture information on paper forms and the data collected thus would sometimes be lost in transit. Moreover, data entry personnel would also make mistakes owing to illegible handwriting and manual errors. All these errors resulted in a lot of time wastage and huge costs.

With the advent of mobile technology, the old paper-based system has become a thing of the past and enterprises are looking for ways to make their operations smarter and empower their employees by using their smartphone. With Streebo Mobile Forms, enterprises can quickly create a mobile data collection app to ensure high quality data is captured leveraging mobile device features like GPS, Camera, E-Signature along with features like pre-populated fields and workflow automation for driving productivity !

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Features that Enhance Data Collection

Geo Tagging
Geo Tagging

Automatically capture the location of the form entry. Sending geo and time-stamped data anywhere, anytime is now possible!

Camera Integration & Annotation
Camera Integration & Annotation

Capture images to point out faults during inspections and point out defects through annotations

QR & Barcode Support

Scan QR & barcodes to get product information from database and smoothen the access process


Now easily collect signatures on your reports from inspectors or customers on the field

Offline Data Capture
Offline Data Capture

In remote areas, the data will automatically be stored on the device and updated once you enter cellular coverage

PDF Export & Email to List

Generate PDF invoices right on your phones and share it with relevant individuals for reporting purpose

Benefits of Mobile Data Collection App


Work Easier

Work Easier with pre-populated fields so that your field force doesn’t have to key in any more information than required. Capture date, location through GPS, pre-fill information automatically via backend and more

Effective Decision Making

Effective decision making with automated workflows that can help managers stay on top of all information being collected and approvals can also be sent from the field itself

Eliminate Redundancy

Eliminate Redundancy by entering data once and transferring it to anyone who requires it in a matter of minutes. It reduces the time lag between collecting, analyzing and data entry headaches