Build A Modern and Unified Retail Experience

The concept of digital selling has challenged the traditional shopping experience and has made the concept of store infrastructure obsolete. Customers reach new online platforms, download apps to shop for various products. With an increased number of digital consumers, there is a high expectation from every retailer to adopt an omnichannel platform for their valuable purchasers. In today’s time, customers search, seek and shop from multiple channels and therefore, it is important for the retailers to provide a seamless shopping experience to their advanced consumers.

Make Buying Convenient –
Drive a customer-centric business

An omnichannel retail platform enables a consumer to shop whenever and wherever they wish. With such a retail platform, consumers can shop from a web, mobile, store or any other social channels. It provides them with complete information about the brand locations, product line, order status and shopping related inquiries and enables a convenient, time-saving shopping experience for all the consumers.

Streebo’s Omnichannel Retail solution

Streebo’s retail suite enables creating chatbots and omnichannel mobile solutions that help in delivering an innovative, seamless and convenient customer experience across all the touchpoint. With highly customizable widgets, retailers can build web and mobile apps that will allow IT and line of business teams to control security, access and govern the solutions.

Retail Apps

Transforming retailer and customer interactions with digitally powered retail experience- driven by omnichannel, cross-platform applications. Bring shopping malls and outlets, at the customers fingertips.

Retail chatbots

Tailoring seamless customer experiences, with AI powered interactions, driven by secure, omni-channel retail chatbots. Steering a conversational approach to agent and customer interactions.
With Streebo DX Accelerator’s low code no code tooling, business teams can rapidly assemble sleek, intuitive and secure Web, Mobile and Chatbot interfaces for retail stores with just drag and drop. You can also embed AI features such as chatbot, visual recognition, fingerprint authentication etc. on web, app and 3rd party chat clients. Moreover, all the platforms can be seamlessly integrated with a brand’s backend system using the point and click interface.

Why Streebo?

Omnichannel-retail-experience Cross-platform omnichannel apps
Expertise in complex Retail projects implementation with modern infrastructure
Omnichannel-retail-experience Power to Business
‘Drag and Drop’ Interface for IT/LoB to modify and manage apps at ease
Omnichannel-retail-experience Comprehensive Security
3rd party integrations and secure payment gateways
Omnichannel-retail-experience Lower Maintenance Cost
A single code base for all digital assets and automation tool
Omnichannel-retail-experience Flexible Deployment Options
Deploy on-premise OR on cloud
Omnichannel-retail-experience Highly Skilled Team
Expertise in complex Retail projects implementation with modern infrastructure